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Basic Requirements for Vietnam Visa Application

It is a basic necessity for travelers to Vietnam to be in possession of a valid Vietnam visa as part of entry legibility requirements. This therefore requires you to make a Vietnam visa application by basically getting in touch with your travel agent who will be able to make necessary arrangements for the same.

Alternatively you can also visit your Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate in your country for the visa. Such entities always take some time to process your application and for this reason you should be patient enough as you await your visa. It is of the essence upon receiving your Vietnam visa to check both the entry and exit dates so as to avoid brushing shoulders with authorities during your visit. This will ensure that any visible mistakes are erased before the departure. This is keeping in mind that small mistakes can ruin the whole of your Vietnam visa application.

You can also get your visa upon arrival though this is a process that you have to embark on way before you leave your country for Vietnam. Essentially a traveler is not allowed to board a plane without the requisite letter of authorization showing that they’ll be receiving the visa upon arrival. There are several online agencies that you can enlist to help you go through this process with admirable.

Your passport is required in your visa for Vietnam application since the proof of your nationality is required. Other details include gender, date of birth, passport number, date of arrival, port of arrival and also the expected length of stay. Most of these agencies accept applications and payment online, whether you are applying for your Vietnam tourist visa or otherwise. It is important that you thoroughly understand payments guidelines before you move on to pay for these services.

The processing time for your visa for Vietnam usually takes two to three business days. It is imperative to ensure you give all correct information such as your day of arrival and exit. There is usually no issue with applying for a Vietnam business visa for a date that is several days before the exact date of arrival. You can also extend with some days with regards to your date of departure. The other important this is that your passport should be at least six months valid. This helps in the ease for your Vietnam visa application.

You can get a Vietnam tourist visa, which is only valid for one month or you can opt for one that grants the opportunity to have multiple entries. Fees applicable to visa for Vietnam application vary depending largely on the length of the stay, the purpose for the trip, as well as the number of entry. It is important though to contact the consulate general in your country in order to know the exact amount applicable to your Vietnam visa.

It is advisable that you apply for a longer-term Vietnam visa in the event that you are not certain about the exact period you want to stay in the country. This could be by taking a three-month Vietnam tourist visa as this would help you move around without any concerns.

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