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Using Fast Track Service To Get Vietnam Visa And Check In VIP Entry Gate To Enter Vietnam

The Immigration complicated procedure is what all visitors never want to face. However, this is the real thing that all people have to encounter when travelling abroad. Whenever you come to any country, you have to do the immigration procedure, and it may take a lot of time. Moreover, it can be very complicated in some country, and you meet a lot of difficulties when do it at the first time. For Vietnam, there is also has a immigration check which spend a lot of your precious time. If you land at the peak time, there is a long line queue up to a half of hour or more for waiting to the turn. For those who use visa on arrival, the same situation is at visa on arrival counter. There is also a long line for doing the visa on arrival application.

What Is Fast Track Service?

Fast Track service is the service in the airport which help you to solve these above problems. This service will help you to do all complicated procedures at the airport, included visa on arrival application and go through the VIP check in gate. It will take 5 minutes only to do all process and you will enter Vietnam easily in the fastest and safest way.

Who Need To Use Fast Track Service?

Businessmen who need to save his precious time for working, the elders, the children, the pregnant and all people who don’t want to wait too much time at the airport can use this service.

How Does Fast Track Service Work?

You just need to inform to us your flight details. We will arrange the staff in your arrival airport at your arrival time. He will pick you up by a welcome board (with your name), and then help you all the procedures. All you need to do is giving him your passport and visa (or approval letter). If you have not had visa yet, he will help you to submit all documents to get visa on arrival. And then, he will support you to check in the VIP entry gate, which you do not to line up any more.

If you have not had Vietnam visa yet, you can apply both visa and fast track support service at this link.

If you already had visa, you can ask for a fast track service by sending us an email through:


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