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Get Vietnam Visa At The Airport Within 5 Minutes

Vietnam visa on arrival is type of visa travelers get at the Vietnamese airports. With a visa approval letter, applicants can come to Vietnam and get visa stamp at visa on arrival counter in any of six international airports in Vietnam. However, the question is, how long does it take for getting visa on arrival at the airport when landing?

Actually, the processing time which applicants need to wait at the visa on arrival counter depends on how many application orders submitting at that time. The more application orders, the more time applicants have to wait. For example, your flight is arrived at the same time with 3 other flights, and many applicants come to visa on arrival counter at the same time with you, to submit visa order, so you have to wait for a long time to get visa. However, if your flight is the only one arrived at that time, and only a few people do visa on arrival, you will get the visa soon.

In fact, due to Vietnamese airport is little bit small, and many flights come to Vietnam, so no matted the time is (morning, afternoon, night), the airport is usually crowded. Visa on arrival is also a good choice for travelers, as a result, people doing visa on arrival is also crowded. And the visa on arrival counter is always crowded. It normally takes from 30 minutes to 45 minutes to complete the procedure at visa on arrival counter. It is too much of time if you realize that you also need to line up one more time at the passport control immigration check before entering Vietnam, and then come to luggage counter to get your luggage (if any).

In case you want to save your time, you can use fast track support service at the airport. This service will help you in two aspects:

1/ You will be picked up at the landing visa counter with welcome board, and then the representative will receive your documents to submit visa on arrival. After 5 minutes, your visa on arrival will be done, no matter how crowded it is at that time. It means that your visa application will be in priority, and you will get it within 5 minutes.

2/ You will be able to check in the VIP gate to enter Vietnam, instead of take a long line as many people do. So, no matter how crowded it is at that time, you do not need to care, and you will be gone through the passport control checking after 5 minutes.

In case you want to use this fast track service, you can apply it online when applying visa by clicking on this link. In case you only need fast track service, you can send to us an email with your information:

  • Your name
  • Your Vietnam visa
  • Your flight details (flight number and arrival time)

Please contact us via


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