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Hong Kong And Macao SAR Can Apply Vietnam Business Visa For Working Purpose Again From 19 February 2020

Vietnam business visa is available now for Hong Kong and Macao passport holders, updated in 19th February 2020.

At the end of January 2020, due to the Corona virus in Wuhan, Vietnam Immigration department has stopped to grant visa for Chinese, including Hong Kong and Macao passport. At that time, there is no way to get business visa for citizens of Hong Kong and Macao. The only way to get Vietnam visa is tourist visa, but it’s not easy to apply at that time. Hong Kong or Macao businessmen have to change the plan, and wait until the restriction changes.

From 19th February, Vietnam Immigration Department has decided to release the restriction. Accordingly, the businessmen from Hong Kong and Macao can apply Vietnam business visa again from now on with no restriction. Hong Kong and Macao businessmen can get business visa to Vietnam by applying visa on arrival or electronic visa. Both options are available, and the requirements are simplified.

For applying a Vietnam business visa, Hong Kong and Macao businessmen can click here to submit the application It takes a few minutes to complete the visa application form online, no need to submit any documents. After processing time, visa result will be sent to applicants’ email. In case your visa application is refused, 100% visa fee will be refunded.


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