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[Urgent Vietnam E-visa For Canadian 2024] How To Expedite Vietnam E-visa for Canadian | Vietnam E-visa For Rush & Emergency Entry

Urgent Vietnam E-visa service for Canadian is used for Canadian who need visa for entering Vietnam ASAP. This emergency Vietnam E-visa is beneficial for Canadian who need to enter Vietnam in emergency situations. With this special service, we assure that you won’t miss your trip to Vietnam. We will provide the E-visa for Canadian within 1 working hour so that Canadian can board the airplane and enter Vietnam conveniently. In this article, we will make clear about urgent Vietnam E-visa service for Canadian and the way to expedite Vietnam E-visa for Canadian passport holders.

1/ In which cases Canadian need “Urgent Vietnam E-visa service”?

Canadian applicants are not in the list of Vietnam visa exemption, so Canadian need to apply visa to get entry permit. However, in some cases, Canadian do not well prepare visa before the trip, which leading to have to apply Vietnam emergency visa:

  • Canadian applicants don’t know that they must have a visa to enter Vietnam. When Canadian realize this matter, they have to apply Vietnam E-visa urgently to catch the time.
  • Canadian applicants forgot to apply Vietnam E-visa and they just found that there is little time remaining. Urgent Vietnam E-visa for Canadian is required in this case.
  • Canadian applicants misunderstand that they can get Vietnam visa on arrival and everything would be arranged at the arrival airport without preparing in advance. Please keep in mind that Vietnam visa on arrival for Canadian requires the approval letter before boarding time. Without the visa approval letter, Canadian cannot get on the plane and of course cannot obtain a visa upon arrival; Emergency Vietnam E-visa for Canadian is required in this case.
  • Canadian applicants had a problem with e-visa application via government portal, and Canadian are unable to contact the e-visa supporting team to sort out the problem. Time is running out and there is no sign of incoming e-visa; Rush Vietnam E-visa for Canadian is required in this case.
  • Canadian applicants need an urgent trip to Vietnam and they have not prepared visa in advance; Expedited Vietnam E-visa for Canadian is required in this case.
  • Canadian applicants have to take part in an urgent business trip that the need to travel to Vietnam and cannot be late. Express Vietnam E-visa for Canadian is required in this case.

2/ How long does it take to expedite Urgent Vietnam E-visa for Canadian?

Vietnam E-visa processing time for Canadian is normally 3 working days and more. Some cases, Canadian will get visa from 5 – 10 working days because the immigration department have to review closely.

For Canadian who want to get Vietnam E-visa sooner than 3 working days, they have to choose express service to expedite the E-visa application process for Canadian. There are some urgent options which Canadian can choose:

1 working hour service (Last minute Vietnam E-visa process for Canadian):

This is the fastest service to get Vietnam E-visa for Canadian. Canadian people can choose this service to expedite Vietnam E-visa application and get visa approval within 1 working hour. It’s suitable for Canadian who need SUPER URGENT VIETNAM E-VISA for boarding the airplane.

2 working hours service (Emergency Vietnam E-visa process for Canadian):

This urgent Vietnam E-visa service will help Canadian to get visa result in 2 working hours. It’s used for emergency cases such as last minute airplane boarding time for Canadian.

4 working hours service (Rush Vietnam E-visa process for Canadian):

If Canadian are not too rushed to get Vietnam E-visa, this service can be used. This rush Vietnam E-visa service will help Canadian to get visa result in 4 working hours. It’s suitable for Canadian who booked the air ticket but visa is not ready yet.

1 working day service (Expedited Vietnam E-visa process for Canadian)

The one working day urgent Vietnam E-visa process service will help Canadian get visa approval within 1 working day. It’s very convenient for Canadian who need Vietnam visa for flying to Vietnam tomorrow.

2 working day service (Express Vietnam E-visa process for Canadian)

For Canadian who will travel to Vietnam later than the next 3 days and want to make sure Vietnam E-visa will be arrived on time, this option is very useful. Canadian applying this Vietnam E-visa fast service will get visa approval within 2 working days.

Note: It’s really important to check the current Vietnam time when Canadian apply Vietnam urgent E-visa. Vietnam E-visa approval time is from Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 5PM (Vietnam time, GMT+7).

When Canadian apply Vietnam urgent visa online, the time for getting visa result will be showed clearly. Canadian applicants must choose the most suitable option on the visa application form.

3/ Can Vietnam E-visa be expedited at the weekend (Saturday or Sunday)?

It should be noticed that Vietnam Immigration Department have 2 days off at weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Vietnam E-visa cannot be processed at the weekend.

In case Canadian submit the urgent visa request on Saturday or Sunday, it will be processed at the next Monday, and Canadian applicants can get Vietnam visa at Monday morning as the fastest.

4/ How much does it cost for processing urgent Vietnam E-visa for Canadian?

In fact, the more urgent you need, the more expedited fee you have to pay. The urgent Vietnam E-visa service for Canadian costs an additional fee from 30 to 170 USD depending on how fast Canadian applicants need. When clicking on Vietnam E-visa application page, all express service with urgent fee will be showed.

We always suggest Canadian applicants should apply Vietnam E-visa at least 10 days before the trip to avoid unexpected problem. When applying Vietnam E-visa soon, Canadian will not need to pay for emergency service to get urgent Vietnam E-visa. The expedited fee for Vietnam urgent E-visa is very high. If Canadian don’t have a visa in hand at the last minutes, Canadian can change the flight to have more time to process Vietnam visa. If Canadian can’t change the flight, we are ready to help you at our best.

5/ How to apply Urgent Vietnam E-visa for Canadian 2024?

Canadian who want to use the express service to apply Vietnam urgent visa should follow the guidance below:

Step 1: Checking the flight time and Vietnam current time

The airlines will check visa approval prior to boarding the flight. Thus, Canadian need to estimate how much time remaining and check current Vietnam time to make an appropriated urgent Vietnam E-visa service (1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours).

Step 2: Fill out Urgent Vietnam E-visa application form

The online application form for applying urgent Vietnam E-visa is available for the applicants to submit anytime at . Canadian need to fill in the form with the required information and check it carefully before submitting.

After choosing the entry airport, the express service will be showed in the form. Canadian should choose the most suitable urgent service in this step.

After that, it’s required to put email address which used to receive visa result and attach passport + photo.

Step 3: Making a payment

After finishing the visa application form and choosing Vietnam E-visa rush service, Canadian should pay the urgent visa fee. The payment can be made by credit card/ debit card through PayPal, or bank transfer.

When Canadian done the payment process, an email confirmation will be sent to the email registered in visa application form.

Step 4: Get Vietnam E-visa for Canadian through email

Depending on the service you ordered, we will arrange the visa and deliver it timely. Visa approval will be sent to the email registered in visa application form, so make sure that you put the correct email address when applying Vietnam emergency visa.

In rush case, Canadian just need to show E-visa approval in phone for boarding the airplane. If having enough time, it’s recommended for Canadian passport holders to print out E-visa as hard copy for showing.

We just learn about expedited service to get Vietnam E-visa urgently for Canadian. If you have any further questions about Vietnam E-visa application, or any inquiry of urgent visa application, please contact us through email or whatsapp/zalo/wechat +84938878624 . We will reply you right after getting your inquiry.


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