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[How To Apply Vietnam Electronic visa Online for Mongolian people in 2024] Official Guide To Get Vietnam Electronic visa For Mongolian people – Documents and Process

Vietnam has opened Electronic visa program again for Mongolian passport holders from 2024 after two year of closure due to Covid-19. Mongolian tourists and businessmen can follow these below information to apply and get Vietnam Electronic visa online. Let’s see the official guide for getting Vietnam Electronic visa for Mongolian citizens in this article.

Vietnam electronic visa is a simple, online visa approval process available to citizens of 82 countries. Payment and delivery of the electronic visa is done entirely online, and takes three working days. Mongolian passport holders are eligible for applying this type of visa, so Mongolian citizens can apply very conveniently.

1/ What is Vietnam electronic visa?

Vietnam electronic visa is one of several visa types offered by Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners entering the country. The electronic visa is valid for 30 days, and single entry only. From July 2020, Vietnam’s electronic visa is available to nationals of 82 countries, including Mongolia.

Mongolian citizens can apply directly for Vietnam electronic visas here: Vietnam electronic visa application Website

2/ Vietnam electronic visa Requirements for Mongolian people in 2024

Before starting Vietnam electronic visa application form, Mongolian people need to have:

  • A passport with six months’ validity
  • A photo in .jpg format of your full biographical passport page
  • A personal photo in .jpg format (4×6, white background, without glasses)
  • A valid international credit or debit card
  • An email address for getting Electronic visa result
  • Your entry and exit dates and entry and exit airports

3/ How to Apply Vietnam electronic visa for Mongolian Passport Holders online in 2024

Mongolian citizens applying Vietnam electronic visa can follow below guidance:

  • Open the website for Vietnam electronic visa Application
  • Fill up all required information from your passport data page
  • Fill up all required info regarding your trip
  • Upload .jpg images of your passport data page and photo
  • Fill up email address for getting visa result
  • Pay the electronic visa fee using any of the payment methods offered
  • Receive your registration code and wait for visa processing

4/ Where to Download Vietnam electronic visa for Mongolian people

After applying for your electronic visa online, you’ll need to wait three working days for your visa to be issued. Right after applying visa successfully, you will receive email confirmation with your visa order code. After processing time, you may search for your visa by the visa registration code.

Besides, the Electronic visa will be sent to your email after it’s approved. Therefore, you can check and download Vietnam Electronic visa through email.

5/ How to Use electronic visa in Vietnam for Mongolian people

Vietnam electronic visa for Mongolian people is valid for entry at any of 33 international checkpoints within the country, including eight international airports. For the full list of airports, seaports and border crossings where the electronic visa is accepted, please click here visa/accepted-ports-to-enter-vietnam-with-electronic visa/ .

Mongolian people can choose one of these 33 entry checkpoint when applying electronic visa. When electronic visa is approved, the entry gate will be shown on electronic visa. Mongolian Passport Holders can only enter Vietnam through the entry gate in Electronic visa.

Upon arrival in Vietnam, submit your passport and your printed electronic visa at the immigration counter.

TIP: Keep your printed electronic visa to show on departure. The airlines also ask to see your electronic visa before letting you fly.

6/ Common Questions about Vietnam electronic visa for Mongolian people

– Can Mongolian people get extension on 30-day Vietnam electronic visa?

No, visa extension is not available at this moment. Mongolian people need to apply new Electronic visa, do the border run to nearby countries such as Cambodia or Laos, then re-enter with new Electronic visa to get another 30 days of stay.

– Can Mongolian people enter Vietnam after the entry date on electronic visa application?

Your visa is valid from the start to end dates specified. You can enter the country any time within those dates.

– Do Mongolian people need to queue at the Visa on Arrival counter when landing at Vietnam?

With electronic visa, Mongolian people do not need to queue at Visa on Arrival counters. Mongolian people just need to show the printed electronic visa and passport directly to the immigration officer and enter.

– Do Mongolian people need photos when landing at Vietnam?

No, photo is used for visa on arrival only. If Mongolian people enter by Electronic visa, they no need to bring photos.

– Do Mongolian people need to pay stamp fee when landing at Vietnam?

No, stamp fee is required for visa on arrival only. If Mongolian people enter by Electronic visa, they no need to pay any additional fee at the airport.

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