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How Much AMD – Armenian dram To Get A Vietnam Visa?

Vietnam Visa is now easy to get. It can be applied online, and the procedure is very simple. Only from 2 925.84 AMD-Armenian dram (6 USD – US Dollars), you can get a visa approval letter, which allows you to get visa on arrival at the airport. Cost to get Vietnam visa can be higher if you stay longer in Vietnam or require a multiple entry. Moreover, the price for different nationality is not the same.

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One of the most popular question that many people are interested in when they search about visa to Vietnam is: How much money to get a visa to Vietnam?

Vietnam Visa is now easy to get. It can be applied online, and the procedure is very simple. Only from 6 USD – US Dollars, you can get a visa …

PHILIP BRENT BOGAN is a USA citizen. He and his wife travel to Vietnam, and he need a visa. When he applied for a visa on arrival, he typed the …

From August 2018, the Vietnam Immigration rule was changed, and most countries can get maximum 3 months visa to Vietnam. Only USA passport holders are accepted to grant 1 year …

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Dear valued clients, Thank you so much for trusting and using our services so far. Please kindly note that the Immigration Department Department will be closed on New Year. The …

The Vietnam Immigration Department doesn’t work on Saturday, Sunday and Vietnam National Holidays. Only urgent cases are considered to grant visa on these days, but the price is much higher …

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