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Do You Want To Know About Vietnam Visa Extension?

Do you think your upcoming Vietnam travel might take an extended time than what was originally planned? It could be that your original Vietnam visa is for 1 month and you have suddenly found out further business potential that would demand a further stay in the country. Well, in that case, you should make sure to extend your Vietnam visa as it is not legitimate for foreign nationals to stay after the visa expiration date. The Vietnam Immigration Department allows the foreign nationals to extend their original visa up to 1 month to 3 months. The visa extension facility is applicable for both single entry and multiple entries. Now, you must be wondering that how to extend your Vietnam visa. The post here lays down a short note describing the Vietnam visa extension procedure.

Passport scan

The Vietnam visa extension procedure would require a scan of your passport. You must know that the Vietnam visa extension process would normally take a week to ten days. Thus, you should start with the Vietnam visa extension preparations minimum a week and half before your actual visa expiration date in the country.

How to extend?

The tourists planning a Vietnam visa extension have two ways to choose from- one is direct extension by physically traveling to Vietnam Immigration outlet. Another is visa extension via a reputed Vietnam visa company.

Extension directly through Vietnam Immigration Department

If you want to take the direct route, you would have to travel physically to Vietnam Immigration Department outlet, nearest to your Vietnam hotel. The Vietnam Immigration department has got 3 outlets located in North, South & Center Vietnam. Search online for the addresses and head to the nearest office.

Extension through Vietnam Visa Company

If you are not willing to travel to Vietnam Immigration Department physically, the Vietnam visa companies will shoulder the hassle for you- provided you supply them with the necessary information. In this case, the visa companies send their own staffs to the Vietnam Immigration Department to carry out the extension formalities for you. When you take to a Vietnam visa company for your visa extension, you would have to –

  • Email the scan of your passport to the chosen Vietnam visa company website. Make sure that the scan contains the very page with information on your latest or current Vietnam visa.
  • The visa company will check out the visa extension fee and time as per the requirements of Vietnam Immigration Department and inform you. You must know that the extension fee would vary and is based on the specific type of Vietnam visa.
  • You would have to bring the passport to the Vietnam visa company physically. Otherwise you have the option to send the needed document to the visa company by post. Whatever you do, make sure to plan early.
  • If everything is okay, you would receive the passport with extended Vietnam visa within 4 days to a week. Again, the visa extension procedure time would vary from one visa to another.

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