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How to get a Visa for Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those nations that has opened wide her door to the world. For this reason, there can be no excuse as to why one cannot apply for a Vietnam visa to discover beauty of the country. Vietnam is a nation that is widely renowned for its efforts to build and develop peace. In the recent years, Vietnam has experienced unpatrolled peace. As a result, many have opted to tour Vietnam and explore it entirely. There are many reasons why people travel Vietnam. Some of the reasons include adventure, business exploration, and field research among others.

Vietnam visa application
Sometimes it’s always right to try out other nations and just feel or experience the difference in them. This is also a way of making good use of your time. In her efforts to allure tourists and investors, Vietnam has simplified her visa application process. Currently, there are at least two options for acquiring a Vietnam visa. One can either obtain a Vietnam visa through online application or by visiting a Vietnam embassy in their native countries.

If you are that kind of person that hardly finds time to visit the Vietnam embassy, then the online visa option best suits you. The online visa application was specifically designed for prospective visa applicants like you. As a result, the Vietnam government expects people like you to apply for a Vietnam visa. There needs to be no fear when applying for a Vietnam visa. You are always guaranteed successful visa application process.

Vietnam Visa Types
There are three main types of visas in Vietnam. All these visa types are designed to cater for the different needs of prospective Vietnam visa applicants. Depending on your purpose to visit Vietnam, you will always find a suitable visa category for you.

Before applying for any visa type one, has to understand fully that visa type. In addition, being acquainted with the visa types helps one to make an informed choice. This contributes to eliminating confusion and boredom.

One of the visa types is a tourist visa. This visa type allows one to reside in Vietnam for a period, not exceeding thirty days, some case for 3 months. When applying for this kind of visa, one would be expected to have a visa-processing fee. It is important to note that this fee keeps changing from time to time. When applying for a Vietnam visa, you need to consider well if this is the right visa type for you.

A business visa is particularly useful for those wishing to expand their business territories. This visa type category is somehow difficult to acquire because it involves a long process. This long process is attributed to the fact of trying to verify the veracity of the business visa applicant. However, this should not terrify you, as the process of visa processing is always transparent and fair. A business visa lasts for a period, not exceeding ninety days, some case for 6 month. As a result, apply for a Vietnam visa today.

Finally, a diplomatic visa is a visa type for government officials or representatives from organizations accredited by the state. This visa type does not need an application fee unless otherwise.


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