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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

How to Get Visa for Your Vietnam Vacation

The Vietnam government requires visa formalities from almost all foreign nationals taking a trip to Vietnam. The visa formality granted from Vietnam Immigration Department is the authorized permit that guarantees the traveler’s legitimate stay in the country. Are you too planning a vacation in Vietnam? That’s amazing since this South East Asian country is a true beauty with attractions galore for tourists. You must have your passport valid for 6 months and complete the visa formalities as you embark on your Vietnam journey. The post here offers a brief on getting visa for your Vietnam vacation.

To start with, there are two options to get the Vietnam visa for the foreign nationals eager to travel to Vietnam. One is physically from the Vietnam Embassy and another is via online.

Getting travel visa directly from Vietnam Embassy

Here you are needed to travel physically to Vietnam Embassy to apply and get your Vietnam visa for travel. This is the conventional route of attaining Vietnam visa and is applicable for almost every tourist to Vietnam, irrespective of his/her means of travel. Find out the closest Vietnam Embassy location in your country to get the visa directly from there.

The online process

In this case, the visa formality is conducted online. You would just need a computer and stable internet connection to avail the online process. The online route to secure your Vietnam visa is officially termed as Vietnam visa on Arrival. There are Vietnam visa companies online to help you out with the virtual visa process. The good bit about the online procedure is that here you are relieved from traveling physically to the Vietnam Embassy to get your visa done. On the other hand, the Vietnam visa companies send their own staffs to the Vietnam Embassy to secure the approval for you. The online procedure is always more convenient, hassle-free and faster in comparison to getting the Vietnam travel visa physically from Vietnam Embassy. However, you must know that Vietnam visa on arrival service is specifically meant for travelers taking a flight to Vietnam.

Here is a note on how to secure Vietnam travel visa online-

Locate a good visa company

You would need to find out a good Vietnam visa company online. Go to its official website and find out the online visa application form.

Fill up the application form

The online application form would ask you about the travel details, flight details, passport, personal details and contact email id. Have your passport and ticket with you while filling up the form. All the data entered into the form should match up with the exact data on your passport.

Pay visa service

After you fill up the online application form, pay the visa service fee online on the visa company’s website.

Receive the visa approval letter

Wait for 1-2 business days and the visa company will email you the Vietnam Immigration accredited visa on arrival approval letter. You would have to print out the letter and carry it to Vietnam international airport to get the travel visa stamped on your passport.


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