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Are you planning to visit Vietnam and thinking of applying for a visa? There is an easy way for getting visa that will save you much time as well as money. Now it is possible to get Vietnamese visa online. Just by visiting the online site you can obtain information about the regulations and procedures involved in procuring a visa. Suggestions on how to obtain the visa in a minimum of time and with minimum resources can be found on this site.

Vietnam is a beautiful country and it warmly and openly welcomes all who want to visit the country or are desirous of doing business there. Visas can be obtained by applying to the Vietnam embassy in your own country but this process is time consuming and if you want to apply through an agent then of course you would have to reimburse the agent for this service. The internet site for getting Vietnam visas is designed so as to give you information on how to obtain a visa in a fast, simple as well as reliable way that is also inexpensive. One can also email them and obtain information on how to secure a visa. In this case you would have to give them information about why you desire to visit Vietnam and they would furnish you with all the details within two working hours.

The whole process of obtaining a visa online is very easy. From the online site you can send a request for an online form on which you fill in all the required information and then submit the form. As soon as the form is received the process of granting you a visa is started. Within 2 days you would receive a pre- approval letter in your email. All you have to do is to carry a print out of this letter along with passport size two photographs on the day of your travel. You will be allowed to board the aero plane and you can collect the visa from any one of the international airports of Vietnam.

One such site that deals in organizing visas for Vietnam is Under special circumstances visa exemption is granted to certain people therefore be sure whether you need a visa to visit Vietnam or not before applying for the visa. People who are Vietnamese and have foreign passports and the foreigners that are related to them are exempted from visa necessities, they are allowed to enter Vietnam but their stay should not cross 90 days. Citizens of Bulgaria, China, Kyrgyzstan, Romania and North Korea as well as 52 nation’s citizens who hold official or diplomatic passports do not need visas. All such information can be obtained from these online sites at a glance. These sites will save you time as well as money.

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