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Vietnam Online Visa Is Open Now

If you have a valid passport which is stamped prior to the departure then you can obtain an entry visa for the place you want to go. Many years ago, if you wanted to go to Vietnam, you had to apply for a Vietnam Visa at the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your country. However, an entry visa is difficult to arrange if the Vietnam Embassy is not approached in a particular manner. To avoid procedural delays, which happens sometimes with approval of visa at embassies outside Vietnam, you can apply online before your arrival to Vietnam.

When you prepare your trip to Vietnam or want to stay there, then entry Visa is not the most important task but it should be the very first task to be completed. It is experienced by some visitors that to get Visa takes lot of time and it is a bit complicated process. But now Vietnam visa online service is opened and is prepare to welcome you warmly. To avoid the procedure with the local Embassy of Vietnam which is sometimes very lengthening, you should make prior arrangements to obtain Vietnam Visa on arrival. By the Immigration department of Vietnam, this service is legitimated and supported for you.

If you travel with visa on arrival, you have to pay two types of fees: stamping fee and service fee. The fee which is paid directly by you to the Immigration at your arrival airport is stamping fee. Service fee is paid online before travelling to get approval letter of Visa issued by Immigration department of Vietnam. There are few easy steps to get Visa on arrival. You should fill the secure online form which will just take couple of minutes. You should pay the service fee for Visa after confirming and processing of the information to get the “approval letter for visa” within two working days. Finally, you can bring the approval letter to a Vietnam international airport, pay stamping fee and get your Vietnam Visa to enter Vietnam. Your visa on arrival can be stamped in Vietnam airport or at the Embassy of Vietnam.

You need not to apply for Visa through Vietnam Embassy. You can just complete the application form and it is very simple and easy to do this. After completing the form you have to pay the service fee. The visa online service will send you the pre-approved letter which is having a code for picking up the Vietnam Visa at the airport. To apply for Visa, some information (which is in your passport) is required such as full name, date of birth, gender, passport number, nationality, departure date, arrival flight number and arrival date. To Vietnam Immigration Department, this information will be sent and the letter of visit will be issued upon your arrival. The scan copy or fax will be sent on our email address. With this letter we will be allowed to board at our arrival to Vietnam making our visit more enjoyable.

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Vietnam visa online October 23, 2012

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