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Viet Nam – Dreamland Of Dreamers

Viet Nam is a member nation of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) which has potential and attractive beauties on its own way – with East Vietnam Sea, expanding into the Pacific Ocean, consist of mainland, island, sea and horizon.

Viet Nam has been famous for those who love traveling, love majestic beauty of nature, love potential things of ancient traditional cultures, love friendly people and full of love as well. A country brought various traditional cuisine throughout to the world, and whenever mentioning about Viet Nam – it’s hard to describe how special it is!

The countryside in Viet Nam


Each region of Viet Nam has many different characteristics. Mekong Delta is a peaceful place with the quiet countryside such as naive, honest people who has special hospitalities with anyone strange coming to give them a visit.

Floating market in Mekong Delta

The North has ancient landscapes, simple with so many historical places and interesting stories. The place has so many beautiful dreamlands which were given by nature.

Tam Coc – a touristic place in Ninh Binh province. It just takes 90 km from Ha Noi capital.

The Middle of Viet Nam has been affected by strong hurricanes or floods. So, it becomes the place of sadness, poor farmers. However, there is no place in Viet Nam that it has the majestic, vast horizon with beautiful beaches, mountains, islands like the Middle. Especially, if you are lost in any quiet rice fields, you will love more the lovely small houses amongst the small village with the red roofs.

Cu Lao Xanh island – a desert island which has peaceful beauty in the Middle of Viet Nam


There is an obvious difference between the North’s climate and the South’s climate. The North has 4 different seasons such as spring, summer, autumn and winter and there are so many climate changing in the whole year. The temperature is even up to 40 degrees celsius in the summer and is much lower in the winter, around 10 degrees celsius, the coldest place was just 0 degrees celsius in the Northwest area.
The South is in the tropical area so there are just sunny and rainy season. The weather isn’t changed a lot in the whole year, the temperature is around 25 – 35 degrees celsius.

There is no longer war in Viet Nam, even civil war. Viet Nam has become a peaceful country and a touristic place in the world with cheap expense, diverse cultures, attractive cuisine. Additionally, beautiful landscapes are in UNESCO’s validation about the World Heritage Sites. Especially, people with full of love would be memorable in visitor’s mind.

Phong Nha cave was in UNESCO’s validation about the World Heritage Sites.


Cuisine is a very special thing that you could be enjoyable in Viet Nam. For each region, cuisine has different tastes and flavors. Vietnamese food was getting closer to the world through cultural diversity, region and special bold flavors. Especially, it is very cheap and delicious.


Pho (beef noodle soup) is a traditional food in Viet Nam


Broken rice – a traditional food in many areas


Banh mi – is one kind of breads in Viet Nam. It’s so tasty and flavorable.


Vietnamese pancake – one of which is crispy pancake – also known as Banh Xeo


O Quy Ho pass – one of 4 dangerous pass in Viet Nam. It’s located in SaPa


Ba Na Hill in Da Nang city – the Middle of Viet Nam


Hoi An – an ancient town with potential beauty at night


Ho Chi Minh city – the attractive city in Viet Nam


It’s not hard to have a good service of hospitality in Viet Nam. Only 5-10 USD, we could have a comfortable and clean dormitory bed with nice view. Only 20-50 USD to own a private room for those who like the privacy. Each region has different beauties, it would be easy to get an amazing place to stay and have great time everywhere in Viet Nam.

Homestay is a place which is for anyone loving the peace, quiet, it is like a real home.


Hostel is also a common place for travellers. Nice view and cheap price is easy for everyone to have a best place to stay.


It’s quite simple to get a visa to Vietnam. Vietnam visa can be done online within a few minutes. There are many travel agents which can do visa to you. A Visa on arrival (VOA) is only 6 USD, and all application procedure is processed online. You do not need to come to any places, just stay at home and apply online. Then receive approval letter through email.

Vietnam visa is quite simple to get

Wish Viet Nam would be your unforgettable and memorable memories on your own way. Let’s come to our country – a majestic Viet Nam with high mountains, a vast Viet Nam with horizon of seas, a peaceful Viet Nam with quiet countrysides, and the most important thing is Vietnamese people who is very naive, warm and full of love.


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