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Qua Giang Communal House ( Đình Quá Giáng) in Danang city

Location: Qua Giang Communal House lies in Qua Giang Hamlet, Hoa Phuoc Ward, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City.

Characteristic: The house is separated into two components: forecourt and sanctum which are linked by two lobbies with sunscreens creating an independent rectangular.

This house was constructed in the year of Tan Ty (1821) to venerate Quan Thanh and ancestors of four families Dinh, Le, Tran, and Nguyen who went after King Nguyen to move southwards in order to extend domain and form Qua Giang Village comprising Qua Giang, Giang Nam, Tra Kiem, An Luu, and Con Mong.

There is a forecourt built on “Chong ruong – Gia thu” constructing pattern. Columns are adorned with pumpkins at their feet and lotus on their body. The beam is sustained by two lines of five-meter high columns with two columns for each line; and two lines of smaller posts buttress two complementary roofs. Trees, flowers, animals, eight weapons, and other decorative rows are engraved on the rafters. There is also a pattern of a carp transforming into a dragon at the ending of each rafter.

There are three components with four outbuildings in the temple. The rafters are strengthened by four 5m high columns, eight 3m high subsidiary posts, and 16 small poles. The temple has its roof made of plant with ornamental patterns such as a nice couple of the Phoenix and Rheinart’s pheasant, two dragons staring at each other. In the front of the roof, there are four supernatural creatures.

To commemorate their forefathers, the residents hold a celebration on the 22nd day of the second lunar month and the 12th day of the seventh lunar month. Ministry of Culture and Information admitted Qua Giang Communal House as a national vestige on Feb1st ruary 2000.


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