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Vietnam Embassy in Netherlands

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Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Address: Javastraat 1, 2585 AA The Hague, The Netherlands
Phone: ++31 (0) 6 34097673​, +31 (0)70 364 4300
Fax: +31 (0)70​ 364 8656

Complete Name: Kingdom of the Netherlands
Native Name: Nederland
Capital: Amsterdam / ‘s-Gravenhage

Provinces: Drenthe, Flevoland, Fryslân (Friesland), Gelderland, Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Brabant [North Brabant], Noord-Holland [North Holland], Overijssel, Utrecht, Zeeland [Zealand], Zuid-Holland [South Holland]
Principal Cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, ‘s-Gravenhage, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Tilburg, Almere, Groningen, Breda, Nijmegen

Are There Other Ways To Get Vietnam Visa?

Besides going to embassy/ consulate to apply Vietnam visa, you can also apply for an online visa. It takes a few minutes to complete the online form and you will get the result after 2 working days. It is very simple to do online, instead of taking more time and effort to do it physically. There are two types of Visa online:

1/ Visa On Arrival: You must submit your application online to obtain a visa approval letter before your trip and then collect your visa at the airport in Vietnam.

Visa on arrival is a Vietnam visa:

  • Applicable for all nationalities
  • For tourist visa or business visa purpose
  • Multiple entry or single entry
  • 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year of staying
  • Enter through the Vietnamese airports only
  • No documents are required when applying online

For more information about Visa On Arrival, click here.

2/ E-Visa (Electronic Visa): You must submit your application through the internet. Obtain your visa electronically after completing the required information, upload a recent photo of the passport.

E-visa is a Vietnam visa:

  • Eligible for only 80 countries and 2 territories
  • For tourist visa or business visa purpose
  • Single entry only
  • 1 month of staying only
  • Enter through the Vietnamese airports, land borders or seaports
  • Passport photo and digital photo are required when applying online

For more information about E-visa, you can click here.

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