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Vietnam E-visa to Cross Song Tien Border in 2023 | Instructions for Applying for Vietnam E-visa For Entering Song Tien Landport

You want to go to Vietnam from Cambodia by way of Song Tien border crossing, right? If that’s the case, you’ll find this essay to be very helpful. It includes information on the requirements for obtaining Vietnam visa at Song Tien border for foreign tourists, the steps to take to apply for Vietnam E-visa to cross Song Tien border, the process of obtaining a Vietnam visa by going through Song Tien border, and the requirements for entering Song Tien.

1/ Procedures for obtaining a visa to enter Vietnam while crossing Song Tien border in 2023

Foreign visitors who want to enter Vietnam via Song Tien border crossing are required to obtain a valid visa for Vietnam, which may be used for either tourism or commercial reasons. If your visa is not ready, you will not be permitted to go across Song Tien border.

In addition, ensure that you have the following:

  • Your passport must have at least six months of validity remaining on it after the day that you enter Vietnam.
  • The passport must have at least two blank pages in order to get an immigration stamp upon admission.

Although you are need to have a visa to enter Vietnam via Song Tien border, the application process for obtaining a Vietnam visa is rather straightforward. You are able to submit an application for Vietnam e-visa online in Cambodia, and then you may use this visa to go via Song Tien border crossing.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for Crossing Song Tien Border 2023

E-visas, which stand for electronic visas, are a kind of online visas that let its holders to enter Vietnam via a limited number of entry points. This visa only permits a single entrance and may be used for a maximum of 30 days.

E-visas for Vietnam are now available to citizens of 80 different countries till 2023.

You are free to submit your visa application online from the comfort of your own home or any other location with internet access. Approval for your e-visa will be delivered to the email address you provided after about three working days have passed.

In order to go across Song Tien border, you are needed to fill out the visa application form with the appropriate entry border information. You are need to choose “Song Tien landport” as the entrance port given that you will be entering Vietnam via this border. In the event that you choose the incorrect entry port, you will not be permitted to enter Vietnam via Song Tien border.

3/ How to Apply for Vietnam Visa Online For Entering Song Tien Landport 2023

As was just said, the application process for holders of Vietnam E-visas takes place online. This electronic visa may be applied for while you are in Cambodia. Nevertheless, it is imperative that you get the visa application in as quickly as possible.

The approval process for a Vietnam e-visa typically takes three full working days to complete. If your situation is urgent, you have the option of adding the urgent service, which can speed up the Vietnam E-visa application procedure. However, we highly advise that you apply for a Vietnam e-visa at least ten days before the day that you want to arrive in the country. You still have time to make any necessary changes to the e-visa, just in case there are any complications.

How to apply for an electronic visa via Song Tien landport in 2023

The following is a step-by-step guide for persons who will be crossing Song Tien border to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam electronically:

Follow step one by going to the Vietnam E-visa application form online by clicking on the following link: .

Step 2: Select all of the necessary information, such your nationality, the reason for your visit, the kind of visa you need, the day you plan to arrive, and so on.

Please make sure that you choose “travel by road,” and then select “Song Tien landport” when prompted for an entrance port selection.

Step 3: Include the Add-on service in your order.

You have the option to add this service in this stage if you would want to speed up the process of applying for an e-visa for Vietnam. With the assistance of the urgent service, you will be able to get a Vietnam E-visa in as little as one working day or even two working hours.

Step 4: Upload a picture of yourself and your passport.

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, you are asked to supply a copy of your passport as well as a picture of yourself. The following is a list of the criteria for your passport and picture in order to apply for an e-visa for Vietnam:

  • If you have a passport, you should scan or photograph the information data page. The photograph must not obscure any part of the passport and must clearly display all of the traveler’s personal information.
  • Photograph: Please take a photograph of your own personal photo. The prospective employee in this picture may not be wearing eyeglasses.

See details here

Step 5: Make a payment, then send in your application for a visa.

You are required to carefully go through the information included in the application form before submitting payment. Following the completion of a successful payment, an email confirmation will be issued to the address that you provided.

Step 6: Get E-visa through email and print it out

The Vietnam E-visa application will be processed, and the outcome will be sent to you after three working days have passed. Verify each and every piece of information included in the e-visa to ensure that there are no omissions or oversights. After that, you should have it printed out and be ready to pass Song Tien border.

4/ The conditions for entrance into Vietnam through Song Tien in 2023

Because with Covid-19, there are several limits placed on who may enter the globe. What are the criteria for entering Vietnam while crossing Song Tien border?

In point of fact, beginning in May 2022, Vietnam will no longer apply any of the immigration limitations imposed by Covid-19 to any non-citizens. When entering Vietnam via Song Tien landport, you will not be required to carry as many bothersome paperwork to confirm your health and your status under Covid-19 as you did in the past.

You are NOT required to enter a period of quarantine, nor are you need to provide a proof of vaccination against COVID-19, a negative test, insurance, or a health statement in order to pass Song Tien border.

Before allowing you to enter Vietnam, the officials stationed at Song Tien border will simply examine the following two documents:

  • The original passport, which must be valid for at least another six months and have at least two blank pages.
  • An electronic visa for Vietnam that lists “Song Tien border” as the entrance checkpoint.

5/ Visa run for renewal of Vietnam electronic visa via Song Tien border in 2023

The process of leaving Vietnam, traveling to a third country, and then returning to Vietnam in order to extend or renew a visa for entry into Vietnam is known as a “visa run.” Those travelers who want to extend their stay in Vietnam for a charge that is more manageable might take advantage of the visa run.

The best choice for travelers from other countries who are in Ho Chi Minh City or the southern region of Vietnam is to make the border crossing into Cambodia. Song Tien border visa run is widely regarded as the most effective method for extending a Vietnam E-visa at times when the country does not let holders of E-visas to extend the length of time they are permitted to remain inside Vietnam.

Procedure for the border visa run at Song Tien in 2023:

Step 1: Submit an application for a new Vietnam E-visa and get ready for your Cambodia visa.

You need to apply for the new Vietnam E-visa before you complete the visa run across Song Tien border. The Vietnam E-visa may be used when you go back into Vietnam. You are able to complete the processing for this E-visa while you are in Vietnam. You may submit your application for a Vietnam E-visa online by going to the following website: . In order to successfully apply for an e-visa to Vietnam online, kindly refer to the instructions provided above.

In addition, please double check to see whether you need a visa to enter Cambodia. In order to go through Cambodia, you will also need to carefully arrange your Cambodia visa. Obtaining a visa for Cambodia is a pretty simple process. You have the option of applying for a visa in advance by going to the Cambodia embassy in Ho Chi Minh City or getting one upon arrival at the Cambodia border.

Step 2: Leaving Vietnam, cross the border into Cambodia.

You may take the bus to Song Tien border, where you will then be required to complete the departure process. Simply presenting your passport and the active E-visa is required of you at this stage. Your passport will then be stamped with the official departure seal by the immigration agents.

After that, you will arrive in Cambodia. At the Cambodian border, you are going to be asked to provide your passport together with your Cambodia visa (if required). Cambodia Visa on arrival is accessible here. Your passport will be stamped with a Cambodia entry stamp by the immigration officials who are working at the Cambodia Border.

Step 3: Exit Cambodia and Re-enter Vietnam

Before heading back to Vietnam, you have the option of staying in Cambodia for a few days, a few hours, or even just a few minutes. At the Cambodian side of the border, you will be required to produce your passport as well as your Cambodia visa before getting the departure stamp for Cambodia.

The immigration authorities at Song Tien border will want to see your passport and new Vietnam E-visa when you get there. Following the completion of the inspection, the officials will affix a brand new entry stamp to your passport. Congratulations, you have successfully renewed your 30-day electronic visa for Vietnam!

In conclusion, you must pay close attention to the visa requirements in order to pass through Song Tien border. The Vietnam Electronic Visa may be used at Song Tien border for either fresh entrance or the visa run option, and the application process can be completed extremely easily online. Additionally, all Covid-19 entry restrictions have been abolished, allowing you to enter Vietnam without any difficulties. Please feel free to get in touch with us at  if you have any questions on the Vietnam e-visa at Song Tien border or the criteria for entering Vietnam through Song Tien border.

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