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Vietnam E-visa for Tan Chau Border Crossing by Mekong River Cruise 2023 | How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa for Entering Song Tien Landport

Popular these days are cruises between Cambodia and Vietnam. Foreign visitors in Cambodia may book a cruise on the Mekong River and travel to Vietnam along its course. However, obtaining a Vietnam visa via a cruise tour is one of the biggest concerns prior to doing this trip. How can you apply for Vietnam E-visa to enter the country via Tan Chau border with a cruise tour? The specifics are provided below.

1/ Vietnam visa necessities for entry to Tan Chau via Mekong river cruise in 2023

Concern yourself with visas if you are an international traveler taking a river cruise to Tan Chau border. When scheduling a cruise on the Mekong, you need ensure that you have a valid Vietnam visa to get a Vietnam entrance permission.

Before embarking on the river trip from Cambodia to Vietnam, please ensure the following:

  • Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months from the date of your arrival in Vietnam.
  • Your passport must include at least two blank pages for admission stamping.

Although a visa is required to enter Vietnam by river cruise at Tan Chau border, obtaining a Vietnam visa is a straightforward process. You may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online from Cambodia, and then use it to pass Tan Chau border.

2/ Which kind of Vietnam visa E-visa is acceptable for visiting Tan Chau via Mekong river cruise 2023

The Vietnam government launched the Vietnam E-visa for the first time in 2017. Vietnam E-visa is a 30-day, single-entry visa valid for a maximum of one entrance. Using this E-visa, you are able to enter Vietnam by river cruise at Tan Chau.

Vietnam E-visa enables visa holders to enter Vietnam through 33 international entry points, including airports, seaports, and land borders. When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, you must provide the specific entry port via which you will enter the country. If you arrive by a port that is not the same as the one listed on your visa application, you will be refused admission.

However, due to the absence of Tan Chau border on the list of acceptable entrance ports, there is a great deal of contradictory information that leaves you unsure of which entry port to select. Which port of entry should be included on the Vietnam E-visa application form when entering Tan Chau via Mekong river cruise?

Initial clarification is required: In Vietnamese language, “Song Tien” signifies Mekong river. When completing their Vietnam E-visa applications, all international visitors who enter the country through the Mekong River must choose “Song Tien landport” as the entrance port. Certainly, a Vietnam E-visa with an entry port of “Song Tien landport” may be used to enter Vietnam through Tan Chau border.

3/ How to apply for a Vietnam E-visa to enter Tan Chau by Mekong river cruise 2023

As stated before, Vietnam E-visa processing takes place online. When you are in Cambodia, you can apply for a Vietnam E-visa to enter Tan Chau via a Mekong river cruise. The online visa application form can be completed in a few minutes.

Processing time for receiving Vietnam E-visa: Approval of a Vietnam E-visa typically takes three business days. For urgent cases, you may add the urgent service to speed up the Vietnam E-visa application procedure. However, we highly suggest that you apply for your Vietnam E-visa at least 10 days before your scheduled arrival date. You still have time to correct the E-visa if any problems arise.

Application procedure for Vietnam E-visa for Mekong river cruise

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to apply for a Vietnam e-visa to enter Tan Chau border:

Step 1: Visit this link to access the online application for a Vietnam E-visa.

Step 2: Enter all needed information, including nationality, purpose of visit, visa type, and date of arrival.

When filling out the form, please be sure to choose “Song Tien landport” as the entering port.

Step 3: Add the Add-on service

In this phase, you may add this service if you want to speed the Vietnam E-visa application procedure. The expedited service can assist you in obtaining a Vietnam e-visa in as little as one business day or two hours.

Step 4: Upload passport and picture

Passport and picture are necessary when applying for a Vietnam E-visa to pass Tan Chau border. The following are the Vietnam E-visa application criteria for the passport and photo:

  • Scan or photograph the information data page of your passport. The photograph must clearly display all personal data and must not obscure any portion of the passport.
  • Take a photograph of your own photograph. In this picture, the candidate must not be wearing spectacles.

See details here

Step 5: Pay and submit your visa application

You must thoroughly examine the application form and submit payment. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address after a successful payment.

Step 6: Obtain an electronic visa via email and print it.

Vietnam E-visa result will be sent to you after three business days of processing. Verify that the E-visa has no errors or omissions by double-checking its entirety. Then, print the itinerary and prepare for the cruise from Cambodia to Vietnam.

4/ Border entrance criteria for Tan Chau in 2023

As a result of Covid-19, the globe has imposed a number of entrance restrictions. What are the Vietnam entrance criteria for cruises between Cambodia and Vietnam? Does Tan Chau border have any entrance requirements?

In reality, Vietnam has abolished all Covid-19-related immigration restrictions for all foreigners as of May 2022. When entering Vietnam via Tan Chau landport, you will not be required to carry as many cumbersome paperwork to confirm your health and Covid-19 status as previously. You are NOT required to undergo quarantine at Tan Chau border crossing, nor are you required to provide a Covid-19 immunization certificate, a negative test, insurance, or a health statement.

Before granting entry into Vietnam, the officials at Tan Chau border check just the two papers listed below:

  • Original passport with at least two blank pages and a minimum six-month validity
  • Vietnam E-visa displaying an entrance point of “Song Tien landport”

All information pertaining to Vietnam visa requirements for river cruise passengers entering Vietnam, as well as the application process for a Vietnam e-visa at Tan Chau border for cruise passengers, has been provided above. For more information on Vietnam E-visa applications and Vietnam entrance requirements, please contact us by email at .

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