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Vietnam E-visa for Moc Bai Border Crossing 2023 | How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa for Entering Moc Bai Landport

You want to enter Vietnam through Moc Bai border crossing from Cambodia. Consequently, this essay will be quite helpful. It provides all information on the Vietnam visa requirements at Moc Bai border for foreign visitors, the methods of applying for Vietnam E-visa for crossing Moc Bai border, the procedure for obtaining a Vietnam visa at Moc Bai border, and Moc Bai entrance criteria.

1/ Vietnam visa requirements for crossing Moc Bai border 2023

Foreign visitors who intend to enter Vietnam through Moc Bai border must possess a valid Vietnam visa for both tourism and commercial reasons. If your visa is not ready, you will be refused entry at Moc Bai border.

In addition, ensure that:

  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival in Vietnam.
  • The passport must include at least two blank pages for entrance stamps.

Although a visa is required to enter Vietnam via Moc Bai border, obtaining a Vietnam visa is a simple process. You may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online in Cambodia and use it to cross Moc Bai border.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for Crossing Moc Bai Border 2023

Vietnam E-visa is a sort of online visa that permits visa holders to enter Vietnam via designated entry ports. This visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days with a single entry.

80 nations are allowed to apply for a Vietnam e-visa till 2023.

Online visa applications may be submitted from the comfort of your own home or any other location with internet access. After about three business days, E-visa approval will be sent to you.

In order to cross Moc Bai border, the right entry border must be entered on the visa application form. The entrance port must be “Moc Bai landport” as you will be entering Vietnam through this border. If you choose the incorrect port of entry, you cannot enter Vietnam through Moc Bai border.

3/ How to Apply for a Vietnam E-Visa to enter Moc Bai Landport 2023

As stated before, Vietnam E-visa applications are submitted online. This E-visa may be used while in Cambodia. However, please submit the visa application as soon as possible.

Vietnam E-visa approval typically takes three business days. To speed up the Vietnam E-visa procedure for urgent cases, you may add the urgent service. However, we suggest that you apply for Vietnam E-visa at least 10 days before to your visit. There is still time to make changes to the E-visa if any problems arise.

How to apply an E-visa for Moc Bai landport in 2023?

Here are the steps to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for anyone crossing Moc Bai border:

Step 1: Go to  to access the online Vietnam E-visa application form.

Step 2: Select all essential information, including nationality, purpose of visit, visa type, and date of arrival, etc.

Please choose “road travel” and then “Moc Bai landport” under “entry port.”

Step three: Include the Add-on service

If you want to accelerate your Vietnam E-visa application, you may add this service at this stage. The expedited service can enable you get a Vietnam e-visa within one business day or even two hours.

Step 4: Upload your passport and picture

When applying for a Vietnam E-visa to cross Moc Bai border, a passport and picture are necessary. Passport and picture requirements for Vietnam E-visa application are as follows:

  • Passport: Please scan or photograph the information data page. The photograph must clearly display all personal information and not obscure any portion of the passport.
  • Photo: Photograph the own photo. The applicant in this picture must not be wearing spectacles and must not be laughing or smiling.

See details here

Step 5: Payment and visa application submission

You should evaluate all application details and submit payment. After successful payment, you will get an email confirmation.

Step 6: Get E-visa through email and print it out

After three business days of processing, the Vietnam E-visa result will be sent to you. Verify that all information on the E-visa is accurate and free of errors. After printing, prepare for Moc Bai border crossing.

4/ Moc Bai entrance requirements 2023

Due to Covid-19, there are several limits on admittance into the planet. What are the Vietnam entrance criteria for Moc Bai border crossing?

In reality, as of May 2022, Vietnam has eliminated all Covid-19-related entrance restrictions for all visitors. When entering Vietnam via Moc Bai landport, you will no longer be required to carry as many documentations to prove your health and Covid-19 status.

You DO NOT need to undergo quarantine or provide Covid-19 immunization certificate, negative test, insurance, or health statement while entering Moc Bai border.

Before allowing you to enter Vietnam, the police at Moc Bai border check just these two documents:

  • Original passport valid for at least another six months with at least two blank pages
  • Vietnam E-visa displaying an entrance point of “Moc Bai landport”

5/ Visa run for Vietnam E-visa renewal through Moc Bai border in 2023

Vietnam Visa run refers to the process of extending or renewing a Vietnam visa by leaving Vietnam, entering a third country, and then reentering Vietnam. Those who want to extend their stay in Vietnam for a reasonable charge can utilize the visa run.

The greatest choice for international visitors in Ho Chi Minh City or the south of Vietnam is to cross the border into Cambodia. When Vietnam does not let E-visa holders to prolong their length of stay in Vietnam, Moc Bai border visa run is the best option to extend a Vietnam E-visa.

Moc Bai border visa run procedure 2023:

Step 1: Apply for a new Vietnam e-visa and arrange a visa for Cambodia

Before completing a visa run across Moc Bai border, you must apply for the new Vietnam E-visa for re-entry. This electronic visa may be handled while you are in Vietnam. You may apply online for a Vietnam E-visa at . Please follow the instructions above to apply for a Vietnam E-visa online.

Additionally, please confirm whether you need a Cambodia visa. You must also carefully arrange your Cambodia Visa before entering the Cambodian border. Cambodia Visa is relatively simple to get. You may apply in advance at the Cambodia consulate in Ho Chi Minh City or get a visa upon arrival at the Cambodia border.

Step 2: Depart Vietnam to Cambodia

Take the bus to Moc Bai border, and then complete the departure process. In this phase, you just provide your passport and valid E-visa. Immigration officials will affix a departure stamp to your passport.

You will then enter Cambodia. At the Cambodian border, you must provide your passport and visa (if required). Cambodia Visa on arrival is accessible here. The immigration agents at Cambodia Border will stamp your passport with a Cambodia entrance stamp.

Step 3: Exit Cambodia and Re-enter Vietnam

You can spend a few days, hours, or even minutes in Cambodia before returning to Vietnam. At the Cambodian border, you must provide your passport and visa before receiving the Cambodia departure stamp.

The immigration authorities at Moc Bai border will request your passport and new Vietnam e-visa. After a thorough examination, the officials will affix a fresh entry stamp to your passport. You have been granted a new 30-day E-visa for Vietnam.

When crossing Moc Bai border, you should be mindful of your visa status. Vietnam E-visas may be utilized at Moc Bai border for new entrance or visa run, and applying online is straightforward. Vietnam has likewise removed all Covid-19 entry restrictions, allowing you to enter the country without difficulty. Please feel free to contact us at for further information regarding the Vietnam e-visa at Moc Bai border and Moc Bai border entry criteria.

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