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Vietnam E-visa for Crossing Na Meo Border in 2023 | How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa For Entry to Na Meo Landport

You want to visit Vietnam from Laos by crossing Na Meo land border. Before crossing the border between Laos and Vietnam, you must get a Vietnam visa. E-visa is now the best way to get a Vietnam visa for crossing Na Meo border, since visa on arrival is only available to air travelers. This is the page you need if you want to learn more about how to acquire a Vietnam e-visa for crossing Na Meo border. We will offer you with comprehensive instructions on how to get a Vietnam e-visa for Na Meo land crossing.

1/ Vietnam E-visa for Crossing Na Meo Border 2023

Vietnam and Laos have the same boundaries, thus travelers from Laos may enter Vietnam by crossing the border. Na Meo Border is one of the most popular crossings between Laos and Vietnam.

You must possess a valid visa in advance to enter Vietnam through Na Meo border crossing. Before entering Vietnam, the immigration authorities at Na Meo border will examine your visa.

For crossing Na Meo border, you may apply for a Vietnam e-visa. All travelers entering Vietnam via Na Meo land border are eligible for this visa.

Brief description of Vietnam E-visa:

  • E-visas for Vietnam are only accessible for 80 countries. Check this link to ensure you may apply for an E-visa:
  • Vietnam E-visa holders may utilize this visa to enter the country through airports, border crossings, and seaports (Included Na Meo border gate)
  • Vietnam E-visa for crossing Na Meo border is only valid for a single entrance and maximum 30 days
  • You may apply for either a tourist or business E-visa to enter Vietnam through Na Meo border.
  • Vietnam E-visa is accessible online, and it just takes a few minutes to finish the application.

2/ How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa for Entry into Na Meo Landport in 2023

As previously indicated, you may submit a Vietnam E-visa application form online and get visa acceptance through email. This visa clearance will let you to enter Vietnam through Na Meo landport.

These fundamental stages will assist you in comprehending the online Vietnam E-visa application process:

Step 1: Visit the webpage for the Vietnam E-visa application and fill out the application with the needed information, adding your passport and a picture of yourself.

You must choose precisely the “Na Meo landport” entry port. If you pick the incorrect entry port, you will be denied access.

The passport and picture must adhere to Vietnam’s immigration requirements. When completing an online application for a Vietnam E-visa, please review this page for passport and picture requirements.

Step 2: Pay the E-visa cost. PayPal and credit card payments are accepted. Remember that the Vietnam E-visa cost must be paid in full online when the application is submitted. With a Vietnam E-visa, you are not required to pay any arrival stamp fees.

Step 3: The E-visa result will be sent to the applicant within three business days. Please check your email and download your approved E-visa. Ensure that all information included inside the E-visa is accurate. Ensure that “Na Meo landport” appears on the entrance gate in the E-visa approval.

Step 4: Print off your Vietnam e-visa and show it at Na Meo land border together with your valid passport to enter Vietnam.

3/ How to do a visa border run via Na Meo Landport in 2023

Vietnam E-visa is a single-entry visa valid for 30 days. It has a maximum 30-day validity period. The “visa border run” option is available to those who want to enter Vietnam for more than 30 days.

“Visa border run” is a means to renew a Vietnam E-visa during a time in which visa extensions are not permitted. Numerous travelers with E-visas who want to extend their stay in Vietnam took advantage of the visa border run option.

Those who are close to Na Meo border and want to renew their Vietnam E-visa should enter into Laos and then return via Na Meo border.

Recommendation: When your existing E-visa is ready to expire, you should apply for a new one, depart Vietnam and enter Laos for a few minutes before returning to Vietnam with the new E-visa. And congrats, you will now have an additional 30 days of stay.

Visa run procedure at Na Meo border:

Step 1: Prepare for your visa run.

At this point, you must apply for a new Vietnam e-visa that will enable you to re-enter the country after crossing into Laos.

Vietnam E-visa applications may be found at . Please remember that it takes 3 working days for regular processing and 1 working day for urgent processing to get a Vietnam E-visa. It is suggested that you apply for a Vietnam E-visa as soon as possible to save money.

Additionally, you must determine whether you need a Laos visa. And if a visa on arrival is possible for Laos at the land border. Apply for a visa to enter Laos if one is necessary.

Step 2: Exit Vietnam and enter Laos

You must depart Na Meo border first at this stage. The Vietnam E-visa will become invalid upon leaving the country. In order to enter Laos, you must next complete the entrance process. Please remember to verify whether a visa is required for entry into Laos and to prepare one in advance.

Step 3: Re-enter Vietnam

The visa border run may be conducted on the same day. You may quit Laos and reenter Vietnam through Na Meo border a few minutes after entering the country. To re-enter Vietnam, you must submit your old passport as well as your new E-visa approval. At Na Meo border, immigration officials will examine your passport and affix an entrance stamp. Finally, felicitations! Vietnam has granted you a new 30-day E-visa.

In conclusion, overseas visitors may apply for a Vietnam E-visa to enter the country through Na Meo Border. The online process for applying for a Vietnam E-visa will take three working days to complete. Whether you go to Vietnam from Laos or conduct a visa run via Na Meo landport, you should apply for a Vietnam e-visa as soon as feasible. If you have any additional questions about Vietnam E-visa from Laos to Vietnam, please do not hesitate to contact us at .

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