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How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa to Cross Tinh Bien Border in 2023 – Vietnam E-visa for Entering Tinh Bien Border

Foreign visitors who live, work, or travel in Cambodia might consider visiting Vietnam since the border crossing from Cambodia to Vietnam takes just a few hours. Tinh Bien is one of the most popular border crossing options between Cambodia and Vietnam, with many tourists choosing to visit Vietnam from Cambodia. What do you need to enter Vietnam through Tinh Bien landport? How to get a Vietnam E-visa for Tinh Bien border crossing in 2023? Please see the following for the answer:

1/ Vietnam Visa requirements for entering Tinh Bien border in 2023

Foreign travelers entering Vietnam via Tinh Bien border should have a valid Vietnam visa for tourism or commercial reasons. If your visa is not ready, you will be refused entry via Tinh Bien border.

Furthermore, ensure that you have:

  • A passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of your arrival in Vietnam.
  • At least two blank pages in the passport must be reserved for immigration entrance stamps.

Although a visa is required to enter Vietnam via Tinh Bien border, the process of obtaining a Vietnam visa is relatively simple. You may apply for a Vietnam E-visa in Cambodia and then use it to pass Tinh Bien border.

2/ Vietnam E-visa for Tinh Bien Border Crossing 2023

Vietnam E-visas are online visas that enable visa holders to enter Vietnam via certain entry points. This visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days with a single entry.

80 nations are eligible to apply for a Vietnam E-visa till 2023.

You may apply for a visa from home or any other location with internet access. E-visa approval will be provided to your email in around 3 working days.

To cross Tinh Bien border, you must enter the right entry border within the visa application form. Because you will be entering Vietnam over this border, the entry port must be “Tinh Bien landport”. If you pick the incorrect entry port, you will be unable to enter Vietnam via Tinh Bien border.

3/ How to Obtain a Vietnam E-visa to enter Tinh Bien Landport 2023

As previously stated, Vietnam E-visa will be applied online. You may use this E-visa while in Cambodia. Please, however, submit your visa application as soon as possible.

The approval of a Vietnam E-visa usually takes three working days. To speed the Vietnam E-visa procedure, you may add the urgent service. However, we highly advise you to apply for a Vietnam E-visa at least 10 days before your travel date. If there is a problem, you still have time to change the E-visa.

How can I apply for an E-visa to Tinh Bien Landport in 2023?

The following are the steps to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for travelers crossing Tinh Bien border:

Step 1: Go to  to fill out an online Vietnam E-visa application form.

Step 2: Select all necessary information, such as nationality, purpose of visit, visa type, arrival date, and so on.

Please ensure that you choose “travel by road” and then “Tinh Bien landport” as your “entry port.”

Step 3: Integrate the Add-on service

You may include this service in this stage if you wish to speed up the Vietnam E-visa application procedure. The urgent service will assist you in obtaining a Vietnam E-visa within one working day or even two working hours.

Step 4: Upload your passport and a photograph.

When applying for a Vietnam E-visa to cross Tinh Bien border, a passport and a picture are necessary. The following are the passport and picture requirements for applying for a Vietnam E-visa:

  • Passport: Scan or photograph the information data page. The photo must clearly reveal all personal information and not obscure any part of the passport.
  • Photograph: Take a photograph of a personal photograph. The applicant in this photograph must not be wearing spectacles.

Details may be found here.

Step 5: Pay and submit your visa application.

You must complete the application form and make payment after reviewing all of the material. When you successfully pay, you will get an email confirmation.

Step 6: Request an E-visa through email and print it.

Vietnam E-visa results will be sent to you after 3 working days. Check all of the information on the E-visa to ensure that there are no errors or inaccuracies. After that, print it out and be ready to enter the border at Tinh Bien.

4/ Tinh Bien admission criteria in 2023

The globe has several immigration restrictions as a result of Covid-19. What are the admission criteria for Vietnam for crossing Tinh Bien border?

In reality, as of May 2022, Vietnam has eliminated all Covid-19 entrance restrictions for all visitors. You would not need to carry as many cumbersome paperwork to establish your health and Covid-19 status as you did before while visiting Vietnam via Tinh Bien landport.

You DO NOT need to undergo quarantine while entering Tinh Bien border, nor do you need to provide Covid-19 immunization certificate, negative test, insurance, or health statement.

Before allowing you to enter Vietnam, the officials at Tinh Bien border verify just the two papers listed below:

  • An original passport that is valid for at least 6 months and has at least two blank pages.
  • Vietnam E-visa, which lists the entrance point as “Tinh Bien border”

5/ Visa flow via Tinh Bien border for renewing Vietnam E-visa 2023

The term “Vietnam Visa Run” refers to the practice of extending or renewing a Vietnam visa by leaving Vietnam, entering a third country, and then returning to Vietnam. The visa run is utilized by persons who seek to extend their stay in Vietnam at a low cost.

Doing a border run to Cambodia is the greatest choice for international visitors in Ho Chi Minh City or the South of Vietnam. When Vietnam still does not allow E-visa holders to prolong their stay inside the country, Tinh Bien border visa run is regarded as the best option to extend a Vietnam E-visa.

Tinh Bien border visa application process 2023:

Step 1: Apply for a new Vietnam E-visa and get a Cambodia visa.

Before attempting the visa run via Tinh Bien, you need apply for the new Vietnam E-visa for use when re-entering Vietnam. While you are still in Vietnam, this E-visa may be processed. You may apply for a Vietnam E-visa online by visiting . Please follow the instructions above to apply for a Vietnam E-visa online.

Furthermore, please double-check if you need a Cambodia visa. You must also have a well-prepared Cambodia Visa in order to enter the Cambodian border. Cambodia visas are fairly simple to get. You may apply for a visa in advance at the Cambodia embassy in Ho Chi Minh City or receive one on arrival at the Cambodia border.

Step 2: Leave Vietnam and cross into Cambodia.

You may take the bus until Tinh Bien border and then leave. In this stage, you just provide your passport and current E-visa. The immigration agents will stamp your passport with the departure stamp.

You will then enter Cambodia. You must present your passport and Cambodia visa at the border (if required). Visa on arrival to Cambodia is accessible here. The immigration agents at Cambodia Border will stamp your passport with a Cambodia entrance stamp.

Step 3: Leave Cambodia and return to Vietnam

You may remain in Cambodia for a few days, hours, or even minutes before returning to Vietnam. On the Cambodian side, you must provide your passport and Cambodia visa before receiving a Cambodia departure stamp in your passport.

The immigration authorities at Tinh Bien border will request your passport and new Vietnam E-visa. Following the inspection, the authorities will place a fresh entry stamp in your passport. Congratulations, you now have a new E-visa valid for 30 days in Vietnam!

Finally, before entering Tinh Bien border, you should be aware of the visa requirements. Vietnam E-visas may be utilized at Tinh Bien border for new entrance or visa run options, and applying online is straightforward. Vietnam has also abolished all Covid-19 entry restrictions, allowing you to enter the country without difficulty. Please contact us at for further information about Vietnam E-visa at Tinh Bien border as well as Tinh Bien frontier entrance criteria.

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