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[Vietnam Tourist E-Visa For People From NEW ZEALAND 2023] What NEW ZEALAND Citizens who want to get Vietnam electronic visa need to know

To go to Vietnam, people with passports from NEW ZEALAND need a visa, but people from NEW ZEALAND can apply for a Vietnam E-visa online. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the Vietnam tourist E-visa for citizens of NEW ZEALAND, such as what you need to get one, if you don’t need one, what documents you need, and how to apply for one.

1/ Vietnam visa exemption for NEW ZEALAND passport 2023

In fact, Vietnam has a programme that lets people from 24 countries enter Vietnam without a visa. This programme is called the Visa Waiver Program. New Zealand isn’t on this list, which is too bad. So, people from NEW ZEALAND still need a visa to go to Vietnam.

There are two situations in which people from NEW ZEALAND can go to Vietnam without a visa:

  • New Zealanders who have an APEC business travel card can stay in Vietnam without a visa for up to 90 days.
  • NEW ZEALAND Visitors to Phu Quoc Island who have a round-trip ticket and will only be there for 30 days or less do not need a Vietnam visa. If you want to leave the island, you need a visa.

2/ What is an E-visa to Vietnam for tourists from NEW ZEALAND?

Even though citizens of NEW ZEALAND need a visa to visit Vietnam, they can easily apply for a Vietnam visa online. Vietnam E-visa is another name for this online visa.

Vietnam E-visa is a single-entry visa that is good for up to 30 days each time it is used. With this visa, people with passports from NEW ZEALAND can enter Vietnam at airports, seaports, or land borders.

E-visas for Vietnam are good for tourists from NEW ZEALAND who only plan to stay in Vietnam for a short time. You can apply for a Vietnam E-visa online, and it only takes 3 business days to get the visa approved.

3/ What documents do citizens of NEW ZEALAND need to apply for a Vietnam tourist e-visa 2023

Before applying for a Vietnam E-visa as a tourist from NEW ZEALAND, the following documents must be ready:

  • A passport from New Zealand that is valid for at least six months and has at least one blank page left.
  • A credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to pay the visa fee.
  • Digital Passport Scan (information page)
  • Digital personal photo (without glasses)

4/ Points of entry that let citizens of NEW ZEALAND in with a Vietnam tourist E-visa 2023

After Vietnam E-visa is approved, passport holders from NEW ZEALAND can use it to enter Vietnam through 33 entry gates, including airports, seaports, and land borders:

Please keep in mind, though, that when applying for a Vietnam e-visa from NEW ZEALAND, you need to choose the port of entry. If the actual port of entry is different from the one they wrote down on the application form, that will be a big problem. In this case, people from NEW ZEALAND will not be able to get in. So, when you apply for a visa online, make sure you pick the right port of entry!

5/ Easy way for people from NEW ZEALAND to get a tourist E-visa for Vietnam 2023

To apply for a Vietnam tourist e-visa from NEW ZEALAND, you only need to do 3 simple things:


Go to  and follow the instructions there. People from NEW ZEALAND can fill out an online tourist E-visa form to go to Vietnam.

  • Pick your nationality
  • Pick “tourist” as your “purpose of visit”
  • Pick the other information you need to give
  • Pick “urgent service” (if any)
  • Type the email address correctly.
  • Attach your passport and a photo.


Make sure to check your information twice before you pay. There may be fees for any changes made after payment.


After three business days, your visa will be sent to the email address you gave on the application form. Check your visa once more to make sure everything is correct, then print it out and get ready for your trip to Vietnam.

When tourists from NEW ZEALAND arrive in Vietnam, they only need to show their passport and visa. The people’s passports will be checked, and then the entry stamp will be put on them.

We just told you about the Vietnam tourist e-visa for people from NEW ZEALAND. We hope it helps you on your trip. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at . We’ll answer your email as soon as we get it.

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