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2023 Vietnam Visa

[Vietnam Tourist E-visa For INDIA People 2023] Important Information for Indian Citizens Applying for Vietnam Electronic Visa

Passport holders from INDIA are able to apply for a Vietnam E-visa online, but they still need a visa to go to Vietnam. This post will provide you comprehensive information on Vietnam tourist E-visa for INDIA nationals, including visa requirements, visa exemptions, application criteria, and papers.

1/ Which case India passport holders will not need Vietnam visa in 2023

In actuality, Vietnam has a scheme that allows nationals of 24 nations to visit the country without a visa. Sadly, INDIA is not included on this list. Therefore, a visa is still required for INDIA nationals to enter Vietnam.

There are two circumstances in which citizens of INDIA may visit Vietnam without a visa:

  • Indian nationals possessing an APEC business travel card are free from the 90-day visa requirement for Vietnam.
  • INDIA Visitors arriving to Phu Quoc Island on a round-trip flight and remaining for 30 days or less are free from needing a visa for Vietnam. If leaving the island, you must have a visa.

2/ What is a Vietnam tourist E-visa for nationals of INDIA?

Even though INDIA nationals must get a visa in order to go to Vietnam, they may do so quickly online. Vietnam E-visa is another name for this online visa.

The Vietnam E-visa is a single entrance visa with a 30-day maximum validity period per entry. Holders of an INDIA passport may enter Vietnam via airports, seaports, or land borders with this visa.

For tourists from INDIA who are just planning a brief vacation to Vietnam, the Vietnam E-visa is a viable option. Applying for a Vietnam E-visa online just takes three working days to get approved.

3/ Documents needed to apply for a Vietnam tourist e-visa for inhabitants of INDIA in 2023

Before making an application for a Vietnam e-visa for tourism, applicants from INDIA must have the following papers ready:

  • An INDIA passport with at least six months of remaining validity and at least one blank page.
  • A credit card, debit card, or PayPal account to pay the visa processing charge
  • Digital Passport Scan (information page)
  • A digital portrait (without glasses)

4/ Ports of entry where INDIA residents may travel with a Vietnam electronic tourist visa in 2023

Holders of INDIA passports may enter Vietnam at 33 entry points, including airports, seaports, and land borders, after their Vietnam E-visa has been approved:

Please be aware, nevertheless, that INDIA applicants for Vietnam E-visas must choose the entrance port. The main issue will arise if the entrance port that was registered on the application form differs from the entry port that really exists. In this instance, entry will not be permitted for INDIA citizens. Therefore, while completing an online visa application, be sure to choose the proper entry port!

5/ Easy procedures to get an electronic visa for tourists from India in 2023

Follow these 3 easy steps to apply for a Vietnam tourist E-visa for INDIA applicants:


  • Visit to fill out an online application for a tourist e-visa to visit Vietnam for INDIA citizens.
  • Select “tourist” as the “purpose of visit” and “country of origin”
  • Select any further information needed.
  • Select an urgent service (if any)
  • Correctly enter your email address
  • Include passport and picture.

Review and make a payment in Step 2

Don’t forget to verify your details before sending money. Changes made after payment may incur charges.


The visa will be provided to the email address you specified in the application form after 3 working days of processing. Verify the visa once more to ensure that all the information is accurate, then print it off and get ready for your trip to Vietnam.

Just present the passport and visa when INDIA travellers arrive at Vietnam’s airports, landports, or seaports. The entrance stamp will be verified and pasted into their passport by the immigration inspectors.

Just now, we provided information about India nationals’ access to the Vietnam tourist E-visa. We really hope it is helpful for your journey. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions. We’ll respond as soon as we receive your email.

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