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Vietnam Tourist E-Visa For Citizens Of Poland 2023 – How to Apply for Vietnam Tourist E-Visa for Polish Passport

Thousands of tourists who want to visit Vietnam have shown interest in the Vietnam Tourist E-visa since its official introduction in February 2017. Can Polish citizens get an e-visa for Vietnam? How can I apply for a Polish tourist E-visa to Vietnam in 2023? Here are a few key points that all Polish travelers should be aware of before beginning the e-visa application process for Vietnam.

1/ What exactly is the Vietnam Tourist E-Visa for Polish?

Since February 2017, the Vietnam Immigration Department has made available the electronic visa for tourists. This particular Vietnamese visa is obtained and applied for online. The 30-day single-entry tourist E-visa for Vietnam is valid.

The Vietnam Tourist E-visa program has restarted from March 15, 2022, following the same rules as they did before to Covid-19, after being suspended for two years as a result of that legislation.

2/ Are Polish citizens able to apply for Vietnam tourist e-visa in 2023?

The list of 80 nations eligible for a Vietnam tourist e-visa includes Polish passport holders, according to Vietnam Government Resolution No. 79/NQ-CP dated May 25, 2020.

Prior to traveling to Vietnam, Polish nationals may still apply for a tourist E-visa and get permission. It takes just a few minutes to fill out the online application for a Vietnam E-visa for Polish travelers.

3/ Vietnam entrance points for Poles with Tourist E-visas as of 2023

For Polish citizens traveling by air, land, or sea, an electronic visa for Vietnam is now available. At one of the following 33 entrance gates, it functions properly.

Despite the fact that there are several Vietnam entrance gates that let Polish nationals to enter with a tourist e-visa, Polish visitors must choose the particular entry gate when submitting the online e-visa application form. Polish travelers must enter Vietnam via the entry gate indicated in the E-visa approval when it has been issued. Polish travelers must apply for the new tourist E-visa if their entry point changes.

4/ Documents for applying Vietnam tourist e-visa for Polish

Polish travelers should be ready for the following before applying for a Vietnam tourist E-visa:

  • A passport with more than six-month expiration date
  • An image of your whole passport data page
  • A personal photograph of yourself without spectacles
  • A working credit or debit card to pay the visa charge
  • An email address to get the E-visa outcome

5/ Vietnam Tourist E-Visa Application Process for Polish 2023

Polish citizens may easily apply for an electronic visa for Vietnam by closely according to the instructions below:

  • Visit the Vietnam Tourist E-visa Application for Polish webpage.

  • Fill out the E-visa application form completely, including the applicant’s information and your trip details.
  • Upload a picture and the data page from your passport.
  • Pay the E-visa fee using one of the available payment options.
  • Obtain your registration code and watch as your E-visa is processed.

6/ Time it takes to process a Vietnam tourist’s e-visa for Polish in 2023

Polish passport holders must wait three working days on average for the processing of their tourist E-visas to Vietnam. It is advised that Polish travelers apply for their Vietnam tourist E-visa 1-2 weeks before departure to reduce risk.

If a trip to Vietnam is urgent, Polish citizens may select the “express service” option on the visa application form to hasten the Vietnam tourist E-visa procedure. With an urgent service, Polish visitors may get their visas issued in only one or two business days.

When applying for a Vietnam tourist E-visa online, Polish nationals merely need to choose the express option and pay the expedited charge. The expedited charge varies depending on how quickly you want it.

Travelers from Poland simply forego the expedited option if their destination is not urgent. The e-visa will be processed as usual and granted in 3 business days. (Note: The term “working days” refers to days that are considered to be working days only; Saturday, Sunday, and Vietnamese public holidays are not included.)

7/ Validity for Vietnam tourist e-visa for Polish in 2023

The Vietnam Tourist E-visa for Poles is valid for the duration specified on the E-visa approval, beginning with the arrival date and ending with the leave date. Polish travelers must choose their arrival and leave dates before submitting their Vietnam tourist E-visa applications:

  • Travelers from Poland may enter Vietnam no earlier than the entrance date indicated in their E-visa approval.
  • Polish visitors must leave Vietnam before the expiration date shown on their e-visa approval, or on the exact same day.
  • A Polish national’s 30-day single-entry tourist E-visa to Vietnam is valid. This E-visa will become void soon after departing Vietnam.

We recently conducted research on the Vietnam tourist E-visa for Polish passport holders, covering the necessary paperwork, validity, processing times, and application processes for Polish tourists in 2023. Please feel free to email us at with any further questions you may have concerning the Vietnam E-visa and admission criteria.

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