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Documents to Apply for a Vietnam e-visa in the Netherlands in 2023 – How To Apply For Vietnam E-Visa For Dutch

From 2022 on, Vietnam welcomed back tourists from all over the world, including Dutch passport holders. Vietnam E-Visa is one of the best options for Dutch people who want to travel to Vietnam but don’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready. How do the Dutch get the documents they need to apply for a Vietnam E-visa? How to apply for a Vietnam e-visa in Dutch for 2023?

1/ Documents needed to apply for a Vietnam e-visa for Dutch citizens in 2023

Dutch people who want to get an E-visa for Vietnam should get their paperwork ready ahead of time. In reality, all you need to get a Vietnam E-visa as a Dutch citizen is a few simple documents. Dutch people don’t have to bring a lot of documents like they did before. Instead, they just need to prepare some digital files and submit their application online.

For a Dutch citizen to apply for a Vietnam E-visa in 2023, the following documents were needed:

  • A Dutch passport that is valid for at least six months.
  • A scan or photo of the information page of the passport.
  • Pictures of people without glasses

When applying for a Vietnam E-visa, people with a Dutch passport do not need to show any original documents or a plane ticket. All steps will be done online, and digital files of the required documents will be uploaded to the visa application form.

But the scan of the passport and the picture of the person must meet some specific requirements. When applying for a Vietnam E-visa online, the Dutch should pay attention to the passport and photo requirements:

2/ How to Apply for a Vietnam e-visa in the Netherlands in 2023

Dutch can apply for a Vietnam E-visa if they have all the required documents and follow the steps below:

Dutch citizens need to go to the Vietnam E-visa application website and fill out the form by following the instructions on the website.

When filling out the online visa application form, Dutch people need to choose all relevant information, such as their nationality, type of visa, entry airport, exit airport, entry date, and exit date. The Dutch can also choose urgent service to speed up the process of applying for a visa. Dutch people applying for a visa must include an email address on the form in order to get the result.

After that, Dutch need to upload the required documents on the Vietnam E-visa application form:

  • When applying for a Vietnam E-visa, the Dutch have to upload a page from their passport with information about themselves.
  • When applying for a Vietnam E-visa, the Dutch must upload a photo of themselves.

Then the Dutch need to pay the Vietnam visa fee, and the process of getting a visa will be over. After processing time (3 working days for standard service, 1 working day for urgent service), E-visa approval will be sent to the email address listed on the E-visa application form. Dutch should check all information carefully to make sure it is correct.

It is suggested that Dutch citizens print out a hard copy of the E-visa approval. When Dutch get on an airplane or go through the process of entering Vietnam, they must show their Vietnam E-visa.

To sum up, the documents needed to apply for a Vietnam E-visa with a Dutch passport are simplified and easy to get ready. The Dutch can use their phones to take a clear picture of their passport and a picture of themselves, which they can then put on the E-visa application form. Please be sure that all data information is clear. For more information about how to apply for a Vietnam e-visa if you are Dutch and what you need for your passport and photo, please email us at .

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