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Documents Required for Vietnam E-visa for Swiss in 2023 – How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa in Switzerland

From 2022, Vietnam welcomed back foreign visitors from throughout the globe, including Swiss passport holders. If Swiss people are planning a trip to Vietnam and wish to save time on preparations, one of the best options is the Vietnam E-Visa. What papers must Swiss citizens prepare in order to apply for a Vietnam E-visa? How can I apply for a Vietnam E-visa for the year 2023 in Switzerland?

1/ Documents required to apply for a Vietnam E-visa in Switzerland 2023

Swiss citizens looking for a Vietnam E-visa should prepare their paperwork in advance. In truth, the paperwork required to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Swiss citizens are rather straightforward. Swiss do not need to provide as many papers as they did before; just prepare some digital files and submit the application online.

The following papers were required for applying for a Vietnam E-visa for the year 2023 in Switzerland:

  • Swiss passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Passport information page scan or photograph
  • Portrait photos without glasses

Please keep in mind that Swiss passport holders do not need to produce any original papers and do not need to show their plane ticket when applying for a Vietnam E-visa. All processes will be completed online, and the relevant papers will be submitted as digital files to the visa application form.

However, the passport scan and personal picture must fulfill certain standards. When applying for a Vietnam E-visa online, Swiss citizens should keep the following conditions in mind:

2/ How to Apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Switzerland citizens in 2023

After carefully compiling the required papers, Swiss citizens may apply for a Vietnam E-visa using the instructions below:

Swiss people must first browse the Vietnam E-visa application homepage, then follow the instructions on the website to complete the application form.

When filling out the visa application form online, Swiss must choose all relevant information, such as nationality, kind of visa, entrance airport, departure airport, entry date, and exit date. Swiss citizens may also pick urgent service to speed the visa application procedure. Swiss candidates must provide an email address on their visa application form in order to get visa results.

The Swiss must next submit the following papers to the Vietnam E-visa application form:

  • When applying for a Vietnam E-visa, Swiss citizens must provide a copy of their passport’s information page.
  • When applying for a Vietnam E-visa, Swiss citizens must submit a personal photograph.

The Swiss must then pay the Vietnam visa fee, and the visa application procedure will be finished. After the processing period (3 working days for normal service, 1 working day for urgent service), E-visa approval will be provided to the email address entered on the E-visa application form. Swiss should double-check every information to ensure that it is accurate.

It is advised that Swiss people print out the E-visa approval. When Swiss board the aircraft and enter Vietnam, they must display their Vietnam E-visa.

To summarize, paperwork for applying a Vietnam E-visa for Swiss passport holders have been streamlined and are simple to prepare. Swiss citizens may use their phone to snap a clean photograph of their passport and personal photo before completing an E-visa application form. Please ensure that all data information is clear. Please contact us through email for additional information about the Vietnam E-visa application for Swiss and the passport and picture criteria for submitting the Vietnam E-visa for Swiss.

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