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Documents Required for Vietnam E-Visa for Americans 2023 – How to Apply for a Vietnam E-Visa as an American

Beginning in 2022, Vietnam welcomed back visitors from all across the globe, including those with American passports. Vietnam E-Visa is one of the greatest options for Americans wishing to go to Vietnam and save time on travel preparation. What papers must Americans provide in order to apply for a Vietnam E-visa? How can I apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Americans in 2023?

1/ Documents needed to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Americans in 2023

Americans seeking for a Vietnam E-visa should have their paperwork ready in advance. It is really fairly easy to apply for a Vietnam E-visa as an American. American citizens may submit their applications online without having to prepare a ton of paper paperwork like they used to.

The following items were needed to apply for a Vietnam E-visa for Americans in 2023:

  • An American passport that is valid for at least six months
  • A picture of a portrait sans spectacles

Please be aware that while applying for a Vietnam E-visa, holders of American passports are not need to provide any original papers or an airline ticket. The relevant papers will be submitted as digital files to the visa application form, and all processes will be completed online.

However, the passport scan and the individual picture must adhere to certain requirements. When submitting an online application for a Vietnam E-visa, Americans should pay close attention to the passport and picture requirements:

2/ How to Apply for a Vietnam E-Visa as an American in 2023

Following careful preparation of the required documentation, Americans may apply for a Vietnam e-visa by following the instructions below:

Access the Vietnam E-visa application page at , then follow the online instructions to complete the application form.

American citizens must choose all pertinent data while completing the online visa application form, including nationality, visa type, entrance airport, exit airport, entry date, and exit date. The USA might pick an urgent service to speed up the application procedure for visas. American candidates must provide an email address on their visa application form in order to get their visa decision.

The American citizen must next submit the necessary papers to the Vietnam E-visa application form:

  • Americans seeking for Vietnam E-visas must submit their passport information page.
  • Americans seeking for Vietnam E-visas must attach a personal picture.

Once the American has paid the visa fee for Vietnam, the visa application procedure will be finished. An email address entered on the E-visa application form will get the E-visa approval after the processing period (three working days for normal service and one working day for urgent service). American should thoroughly verify every material to ensure that it is accurate.

It is advised that American citizens print out the E-visa approval and submit it in physical form. When Americans board an airline and go through the entrance immigration procedure in Vietnam, they must present their Vietnam E-visa.

In conclusion, the paperwork required to submit a Vietnam E-visa for holders of American passports is straightforward and simple to prepare. American citizens may apply for an e-visa by using their phone to snap a clean photo of their passport and a personal photo. Ensure that all data information is understandable. Please contact us through email at for further details about the Vietnam E-visa application for Americans and the necessary documents (passport and picture).


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