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Combo Services of Vietnam Work Permit and Vietnam Temporary Residence Card for Foreigners

Foreigners need a work permit to work legally in Vietnam. However, work permit is not a document that allows foreigners to live in Vietnam. Temporary residence card is the document that the employee needs to be able to reside in Vietnam for a long time (equivalent to validity of the work permit). Therefore, these are two extremely important documents for any foreigner who wants to work long-term in Vietnam.

Our service combo “Work Permit + Temporary Residence Card” for foreigners provides the optimal solution for customers, in order to solve difficulties in administrative procedures and help customers get the above documents simply and conveniently.

1/ Benefits of using the full-service package Work Permit and Temporary Residence Card

Currently, all paperwork procedures for applying work permit and making temporary residence card in Vietnam are strictly controlled. Therefore, many applicants and companies will face obstacles when carrying out the procedures themselves. Especially for foreigners who are not familiar with administrative procedures in Vietnam, and have disadvantage of language barriers, they will face many difficulties.

Vietnam work permit

With combo work permit and temporary residence card services, we bring customers the following benefits:

  • The optimal solution for inexperienced people to apply Vietnam work permit + temporary residence card;
  • Dealing with cumbersome and complicated application procedures, especially during the pandemic.
  • Overcoming the difficulties in accurately updating the procedures and provisions of the current laws.
  • Saving time, cost and effort instead of applying for a work permit + temporary residence card by yourselves.
  • Overcoming language inadequacies in the application process and difficulties in needing additional relevant documents.

Foreigners who have Vietnam work permit will be granted a temporary residence card with an equivalent term. This helps them to be allowed to stay long-term as well as enter and exit many times into Vietnam. In particular, the temporary residence card is also valid as substitute for the visa, and does not need to be renewed as many times as the current visa types.

Vietnam temporary residence card

2/ Documents to be prepared to apply Vietnam work permit + Vietnam temporary residence card for foreigners

Through our service, you will be simplified all complicated documents to apply work permit and temporary residence card in Vietnam. In case of lack of documents, we will also be consulted specifically to be able to apply work permit and temporary residence card.

Foreigners basically have to provide the following documents to apply Vietnam work permit:

  • Work permit application form for foreigner in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.
  • Health certificate or medical examination certificate at a designated hospital (valid for 12 months).
  • Criminal record certificate as prescribed (issued within 06 months from the date of application submission).
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • Documents proving experience: Documents proving at least 3 years of experience in the relevant field, from the same position or higher.
  • 02 color photos 4×6cm on white background, without glasses.
  • Certified copy of passport (full pages).

Foreigners who have been granted Vietnam work permit can prepare the following documents to apply Vietnam temporary residence card:

  • The original passport;
  • 02 photos 2×3cm on white background;
  • Temporary residence card application form for foreigner;
  • Request form for temporary residence card from the guarantor;
  • Work permit;
  • Legal profile documents of the enterprise;
  • Some other documents at the request of the Immigration Agency.

In cases you cannot provide all the above documents, please contact us directly for specific advice. Those who lack documents can still get Vietnam work permit and temporary residence card through our service.

The processing time for Vietnam work permit application is 30 working days and the processing time for Vietnam temporary residence card is 5-7 days in case the customer prepares all the required documents.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email for specific advice from our professional staff.

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