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October 31, 2012
Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Zambian

Do Zambian passport holders need visa to visit Vietnam ?

The same as most of citizens in the world, Zambia citizens are required visa to Vietnam. However, Vietnam has not set up any embassy or consulate in the Zambia yet, for that reason Zambia passport holders have to find Vietnam embassy in the nearby countries for visas OR applying Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival (or also called Vietnam evisa) is fast and convenience. People do not need searching around finding offices to hand in their documentation, they do not worry about getting stuck in the traffic jams, they also do not worry about public holidays or out of time, everything can be done online in about 5 minutes in their spare time.

How to get Vietnam visa in Zambia?

Conditions to get Vietnam visa for Zambian:
– Your passport must be valid and backdates to at least 6 months from its acquisition day.
– Your two passport-size photos must have been taken within 6 months.
– Your information in your letter of approval must be same as that in your passport.

As a Zambian citizen, you need a Vietnam visa for Zambian in order to visit Vietnam. The following are two ways by which you can acquire a Vietnam visa in Montserrat:
– From the Vietnam embassy or consulate by direct application
– With help of the letter of approval acquired by online application.

1. Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate.
Currently, there is no Vietnam embassy or Vietnam consulate in Zambian hence Zambian applicants for the Vietnam visa are left with two options:
– Make arrangements with the nearest Vietnam embassy in surrounding countries
– Obtain their Vietnam visas by post option. This option saves applicants from having to present themselves in person at the Vietnam embassies.

Whichever option applicants choose from the above two, they will still get their Vietnam visa for Zambian from the Vietnam embassy or consulate. However, applicants must confirm with the Vietnam embassies to be sure of these services prior to their visa application date.

2. Visa acquisition with the approval letter from us.
With the letter of approval applicants get to pick their Vietnam visa for Zambian from two points each of which depends on their visa application procedure and options they chose with us. These points are the Vietnam international airport and the Vietnam embassy chosen by the visa applicant during the application procedure. This procedure is as follows:
– Applicants get to make their visa applications to the immigration department of Vietnam via our online services.
– We watch over their application procedure and forward their details on their behalf to the immigration department of Vietnam.
– We receive the letter of approval from the immigration department of Vietnam and issue them this document in softcopy by email as received from the immigration department of Vietnam. It must however be noted that this procedure is strictly for air travelers.

Vietnam visa from a Vietnam international airport (this service is strictly for air travelers)

In this procedure, you are required to do the following:
– Visit our website and fill in the visa application form with all your required details.
– Clear the service fees with us as per our directions.
– Obtain a letter of approval from us by email within 48 working hours.
– Present your letter of approval, your two passport-size photos and your passport to one of the three international airports in Vietnam (Tan SonNhat, NoiBai, Da Nang), and finally pay the visa stamping fees to receive your Vietnam visa.

 Vietnam visa from a Vietnam embassy/consulate of your choice in your application form
This procedure requires the following from you:
– Fill in the visa application form online from our website,
– Clear the service fees with us as per our instructions
– Obtain the letter of approval from us in 48 working hours.
– Present your letter of approval, your two passport-size photos and your passport at a Vietnam embassy/consulate you chose in your application form and pay the visa stamping fees to get served with a Vietnam visa.

Applying Vietnam evisa, you can go to APPLY VISA button on this website and fill in the application form. After submitting and paying the fees, your application will be sent to the Immigration Department. A visa approval letter will be sent to you after 2 working days if it has been approved. Other available options are 8 hours, 4 hours or 2 hours processes in the VISA URGENTLY tap, with a little extra fee.


Check your personal information, passport information, arrival date and exit date in your approval letter making sure everything is correct. You allow arriving anytime between the entry and exit dates, but not before the entry date and not after the exit date.

You should print the approval letter off and keep it together with your passport and hand it to customs at the airport.

Prepare two passport photos size and some USA notes to pay for visa fees at the customs desk. Please remember, the customs will not take any other currencies except the America notes.

Vietnam embassy in Zambia October 16, 2012

Kindly inform that there has been no Vietnam Embassy or Consulate opened in Albania till now. Please contact Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in your neighboring countries for further information. ZAMBIA …

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