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Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Uruguayan

Do Uruguayan passport holders need visa to travel Vietnam ?

Uruguay passport holders require visas to entry Vietnam. Vietnam Tourist visa allow you to travel or visit friends and family in Vietnam. Vietnam business visa enable you to work or doing business in Vietnam. Vietnam Business visa also allow you to work and travelling together.

If you need entry Vietnam for one time then you will apply for single entry visa. On the other hand, if you wish to entry Vietnam for several times then you need to apply for multiple entries.

How to get Vietnam visa in Uruguay?

With the above two ways to apply for the Vietnam visa for Uruguay its up to your personal preference and convenience which one to opt for. Below is further information on each of these two visa application procedures:

The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Uruguay
Currently Uruguay lacks a Vietnam embassy hence visa applicants from this country will need to locate a Vietnam embassy from surrounding nations. They will need to travel to the nearest country with the Vietnam embassy in order to start their visa application from there.

While at the embassy they will be guided and instructed on how to apply for their Vietnam visa.

However, travelling to a foreign country may not sound convenient at times especially on the first times. The following are just a few hurdles you might encounter with the direct application procedure:
– Long queues at the Vietnam embassy especially during peak seasons on the onset of holidays as a result of large numbers of visa applicants turning up for the procedure
– Travel expenses incurred when in foreign country waiting to apply for your visa.
– Having to abandon all your duties for purpose of applying for your Vietnam visa.

The online application procedure presents you the following advantages:
– It is fast as it takes only two working days to process.
– With this service you can apply for a rush visa that takes less than 24 hours
– You only need active connection to the Internet in order to start the visa application process. This leaves you free to still conduct your daily activities as no travel expenses are incurred.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa.

Here is how to acquire your Vietnam visa for Uruguay with help of our service
– Visit our website online and download the visa application form from there.
– Download, print and fill in the visa application forms before you submit them back to our website.
– Pay the visa service fees with us online and strictly follow our instructions that pertain to this step.
– Wait for up to 48 working hours to receive your letter of approval from us.
– Download and print this letter of approval you receive from us for use as a temporal identification when boarding a plane to Vietnam and for claiming your visa upon arriving at Vietnam international airport.

Claim your Vietnam visa for Uruguay with help of the letter of approval acquired from us.
With the letter of approval acquired from us you should walk straight to the Visa on Arrival office as soon as you arrive at the Vietnam international airport by air.
Present this letter of approval, your passport and your two passport photos as you pay your visa stamping fees there to get issued your Vietnam visa for Uruguay. You will have the visa stamped in your passport and handed to you finally.

Conditions to getting the Vietnam visa for Uruguay
Ensure you have a valid passport that you acquired over six months ahead of the visa application date. Your passport should also have a life length longer than that of your visa.
You should present two of your most recent passport photos that you took in less than six months.
Ensure you follow all visa application steps by order and abide by the given instructions.
All visa application forms should be filled in with valid information in order for information your letter of approval to match that in your passport for a successful verification step of your visa.



We are sorry to inform you that we can’t find any information about the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in Uruguay because there is currently no Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in this country. …

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