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Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for UK

Do UK passport holder require visa for getting in Vietnam ?

UK citizens the same as many citizens in the Europe need visa to Vietnam. English passport holders either can apply Vietnam visa on arrival (Vietnam evisa) with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website OR apply Vietnam visa with Vietnam embassies in the UK.

How to get Vietnam visa in United Kingdom?

British citizens with the Vietnam visa for UK can now access the Vietnam as allowed by the immigration department of Vietnam. For those that do not have Vietnam visas here are two ways by which they can successfully apply for their visas:

1.  By direct application to the Vietnam embassy
2.  By visiting our website online to make visa applications

Conditions to applying for the Vietnam visa:

– The visa applicant must have a valid passport at least six months in advance.
– The passport should have a longer validity beyond that of the applied visa
– Visa applicants must fill in the visa application form appropriately
– The applicant must present two copies of their passport photos taken within the last six months.
– The visa applicant must ensure they follow all instructions and regulations to the visa application procedures.

Direct application for the Vietnam visa for UK

As a Briton citizen you can apply for your Vietnam visa directly from the Vietnam embassy in London. The nature of the visa application procedure at the embassy requires your physical presence hence you will have to show up in person there.
At the Vietnam embassy visa applicants are instructed and informed in advance on how to apply for their Vietnam visas. The following are contacts to the Vietnam embassy in London, in case you need to contact the embassy offices in advance:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in England
12-14 Victoria Road, London W8 5RD
Tel : +44-2079371912/2075652214/+44-2079375628
Fax : +44-207565385

However, direct application can sometimes be hectic considering the following instances:

– The long queues common at the embassy during peak seasons as a result of large turn up by visa applicants
– Having to travel all the way to the Vietnam embassy at the expense of your obligations
– Long and considerably visa application procedure that takes an average of five days
– Having to travel to the embassy at least twice in the course of seeking your visa.

The online application procedure provides a friendly and easy option in which:

– Visa applicants get their visas in approximately two days.
– One can get a rush visa service and receive their visa in less than 24 hours
– The service is accessible online via our website for all to access anytime regardless of public holidays, weekends and even overtime hours.
– No need to travel provided you are connected to the Internet.

Here is how to apply for your Vietnam visa for UK via our website:

– Visit our website and download the visa application forms. Ensure you fill in these forms send us back in softcopy.
– Pay the visa service fees with us online exactly as instructed at our website
– Wait for up to 48 work hours to receive the letter of approval from us by email.
– Download the letter of approval from your email and print it for use in claiming your Vietnam visa for UK.

Use your letter of approval to claim your Vietnam visa
– With your letter of approval you should identify yourself when boarding a plane to Vietnam.
– Upon your arrival at the Vietnam international airport by air, walk straight to the visa on arrival office and hand in your letter of approval, your passport and your visa.
– You will be asked to pay the visa-stamping fee before receiving your Vietnam visa for UK stamped on your passport.

 Requirements for Vietnam visa on arrival (or Vietnam evisa)

Applying Vietnam evisa people need:

Passport has at least 1 month left and an empty page in your passport for Vietnam visa to be pasted in (This will be done when you arriving a Vietnam international airport);

Photos: 2 passport photos size (these photos need to be handed together with the passport to the customs at the Vietnam international airport);

Currency: USA cash to pay for the Vietnam visa fees at the airport


The visa application process also can be done with a smart phone also.

You authorize to by ticket and fly to Vietnam after you have received the visa approval letter; this is safe for your money.

AMERICAN CASH are VERY IMPORTANT because the customs at Vietnam airports will not take any other currencies except the USA cash. You cannot do any exchange before passing through the customs’ gate. It means if you do not have these cash already in hand, you might not allow passing the customs’ gate.

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