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Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Spanish

We coming to Vietnam from Spain with Spanish passport, Do we need to apply visa for Vietnam ?

Spanish passport holders, the same as most of country in the world are required visa to Vietnam. Spanish citizens can apply for Vietnam visa with Vietnam embassy in Spain or Vietnam visa on arrival online with Vietnam Immigration Department.

Under new government regulation immigrating, Vietnam Immigration Department is allowed to issue Vietnam visa on arrival or called Vietnam evisa. Vietnam evisa contains tourist and business visas which are available for single and multiple entries.

Vietnam tourist visa is designed for visitors who want to for traveling, visiting friends or family whereas Vietnam business visa is designed for people who intend to work and doing businesses in Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam visa in Spain?

Spanish citizens longing to visit the Vietnam need a Vietnam visa for Spanish. There are two main basic ways to applying for the Vietnam visa as a Spanish citizen listed below:

– By direct application for the Vietnam
– By applying for the Vietnam visa on arrival online through our website

Get your Vietnam visa at a Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate:

Spanish citizens wishing to apply for the Vietnam visa can directly undertake the application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Spanish from the Vietnam embassy in Spain. To start with, information gathering is always important hence applicants can first reach the embassy to get instructions on how the process goes about via the following ways:

– By paying a personal visit to the Vietnam embassy. This however is only practicable during workdays and within business hours.
– By email conversations
– By making phone calls to the Vietnam embassy in Spain

Part of the information you might need from the Vietnam embassy will include:

– Requirements and standards set for visa applicants by the immigration department of Vietnam.
– Visa application fees,
– Types of visa issued along with their scope and durability
– The estimated awaiting period it takes before a visa matures

Here are more contacts to the Vietnam Embassy in Spain:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Spain
Calle Segre No5, 28002 Madrid
Tel : +34-91-5102867 – Fax: +34-91-4157067

Consulado General de Vietnam en Canarias, España
Paseo Milicias de Garachico, 5 – (Edificio Plaza San Francisco, Oficina 4)
38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Telephone/Fax: 0034 922 275 224

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Spanish on arrival

All Spanish citizens seeking the Vietnam visa for Spanish through our website ought to have the following documents:

– A legitimate passport that was obtained more than six months prior to the visa application date.
– Two passport photos that they took within the recent six months

With these two records, visa applicants qualify to visit our website online and undertake the following procedural steps during their visa application:

– Download the visa application form found on our website and have it printed to hardcopy. Fill in the left gaps with details required from you. Scan and submit the completed form back to us by email.
– Pay the visa service online as guided by our instructions on the website.
– Wait for the letter of approval from us. We will forward this document to you by email as received from the Vietnam immigration department if your visa application gets approved. Normally it takes about 48 hours to receive this document.
– Once received, the letter of approval should be printed for use over the next procedures. Firstly, you will use this document for your temporal identification when boarding a plane to Vietnam. Once landed at any of the international airports of Vietnam walk straight to the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’ and present the letter of approval, your valid passport and the two passport photos in order to claim your visa.
– Finally, you will pay the visa stamping fees to have the Vietnam visa for Spanish stamped on a page in your passport and handed to you immediately.

Conditions to get the Vietnam visa for Spanish:

– You must have a valid passport acquired over six months before the date of your visa application. The passport should have a longer validity than the visa you are applying for.
– Your passport should have enough space, as the visa for Vietnam requires a full page in the passport.
– You should fill in the visa application form with correct information as it is in your passport.
– Online application service for the Vietnam visa for Spanish is only available to travelers

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