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October 30, 2012
Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Reunion

Do Reunion passport holders need to apply visa for visiting Vietnam ?

The same as most of citizens in the Asia Pacific, Reunion citizens are required visa to Vietnam. Nevertheless, Social republic of Vietnam has not established any embassy or consulate in the Reunion yet, therefore Reunion passport holders have to find Vietnam embassy in the nearby countries for Vietnam visa OR applying Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website.

Unlike applying visa with the embassy, Vietnam visa on arrival allows people apply online. Applying Vietnam visa on arrival (or also called Vietnam evisa) is simple and fast. People do not need searching around finding offices to hand in their documentation, they also do not worry about public holidays or out of time, everything can be done online in about 5 minutes in their spare time. No matter it is in the office or at home, they just need an internet connection or a smart phone to finish their visa application.

How to get Vietnam visa in Reunion?

There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa:

1. Apply for your Vietnam visa in a Vietnam Embassy / Consulate:

Since there is no Vietnam representative office in Reunion at the present, you can check other countries to find the nearest Vietnam Embassy / Consulate to contact.

In case it is so inconvenient for you to come in person to a Vietnam embassy, applying for a Vietnam visa by post is recommended. However, please contact the embassy in advance to check whether you can obtain a Vietnam visa by post or not.

2. Fill online form with us to get visa on arrival Vietnam

Traditional way, people look for embassies or consulates in their country to apply their visas. However, with the developed of the internet, nowadays people do not need to do that way, they can stay home or in an office and apply for Vietnam visa.

Vietnam visa online is called Vietnam evisa or official name is Vietnam visa on arrival. It is an online visa system that allows people applying through the internet or smart phone.

Applying Vietnam visa on arrival is fast and simple. People do not need to go anywhere they can click on the APPLY VISA button on this website to apply at anytime. Filling in the online visa application, submit and pay for the fee. The visa applicants will receive the answer within two working days. It is an approval letter which is issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department calls VISA APPROVAL LETTER.

The visa approval letter allows you depart your country, arriving Vietnam without actual visa as traditional way. You real visa will be pasted in your passport at a Vietnam international airport.

The visa on arrival is available in tourist and business visa with single and multiple entries options. Single entry only allows visa holders enter Vietnam only one time. If they leave Vietnam for any reasons, their visa will be cancelled, no matter how long the visa remains. On the other hand, multiple entries visa permits people come in and out Vietnam many times during the visa validation.

Vietnam Embassy in Reunion October 16, 2012

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Reunion ? Till now, there is no Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam consulate located in Reunion. Please contact to the nearest country …

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