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October 30, 2012
Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Macanese

I travel to Vietnam from Macao with Macanese passport holders, do I need to apply visa for Vietnam ?

Macao the same as most of nations in the world need visa to Vietnam. Macao passport holders either apply Vietnam evisa (Vietnam visa on arrival) with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website OR going to Vietnam embassies in Macao for Vietnam visas.

How to get Vietnam visa in Macau?

Are you planning to visit the Vietnam as Macanese or Chinese citizen but you lack a Vietnam visa for Macao? You now have two options to applying for your Vietnam visa as stated below:

By directly applying for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy

By applying for the letter of approval for your Vietnam visa from our website

Visa applicants can choose one of the above two options at a time when applying for their Vietnam visas.

Conditions to applying for your Vietnam visa for Macao

– Applicants must present valid passports. These passports must have been acquired at least six months in advance to the visa application procedure.
– Each applicant must present two copies of their most recent passport photos acquired in not more than six months in advance.
– Visa applicants must always follow instructions set to them throughout the entire visa application procedure.
– Applicants must always fill in the visa application forms correctly to ensure consistency in with the resultant letter of approval and their passport.

Checkout below for further information on each of these two options:

Direct application for the Vietnam visa

Direct applicants to the Vietnam visa for Macao need to show up at the Vietnam embassy in person in order to start the visa application procedures. However, since Macao does not have a Vietnam embassy they will need to find visa embassies from surrounding countries that have one.

The visa application procedure entails filling in forms and verification of identity, a process that requires valid documents of applicants.

Applicants that find it difficult to travel to the foreign nations to find the embassy of Vietnam may as well opt for the online application service.

Online application for the Vietnam visa with help of the letter of approval:

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa enables visa applicants to acquire their Vietnam visas without having to present themselves at the embassy as is with the direct application procedure.

Advantages of this procedure include:

Full time access to the service including past work hours, on weekends and during public holidays.

Visa applicants can get a rush visa in less than 24 hours

Visa processing generally takes 2 working days

Here is how to apply for the Vietnam visas online
Visit our website and download the visa application forms. Fill in your details on the forms before sending us in softcopy.

Pay the visa service fees with us online at our website

Wait up to 48 work hours to receive your letter of approval by email as sent to you by us.

Download and print the letter of approval for use as temporal identification document when boarding a plane to Vietnam.

Claim your Vietnam visa with your letter of approval

Use your letter of approval to claim your Vietnam visa for Macao by:

Head straight to the ‘Visa on Arrival Office’ at the Vietnam international airport upon your arrival there by plane.

Submitting your passport, two copies of your passport photos and your letter of approval

Pay your visa stamping fees to have your Vietnam visa for Macao stamped on your passport.

You will finally be handed your passport, stamped with the Vietnam visa for Macao.


Making the applying process faster, you should prepare your personal, passport, arriving and leaving date before applying.

Vietnam evisa are also available for applying by smart phone.

People can apply for faster process, 8 hours, 4 hours and 2 hours visa in the RUSH VISA button.

AMERICAN CASH are IMPORTANT because the customs at Vietnam airports will not take other currencies except the USA notes. People cannot do exchange before passing through the customs’ gate. It means if you do not have these cash already in hand, you might not allow entering Vietnam.

Vietnam Embassy in Macau October 16, 2012

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Macau ? Currently, there is no Vietnam Embassy as well as Vietnam Consulate in Macau. If we have any information about …

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