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October 30, 2012
Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Icelandic

Vietnam visa requirement for Icelandic passport holders

Iceland citizens the same as most of citizens in the world are required visa to Vietnam. However, Social republic of Vietnam has not set up any embassies or consulates in Iceland yet. For that reason, Iceland passport holders either have to find Vietnam embassies in a nearby country for Vietnam visa OR applying Vietnam visa on arrival with Vietnam Immigration Department on this website.

How to get Vietnam visa in Iceland?

Our plan is to inform Iceland citizens of the two ways by which they can acquire their Vietnam visa for Iceland as explained below:

1. By direct application at the Vietnam embassy in any surrounding country
2. By online application at our website in which they will acquire the letter of approval

Each of the above two options for applying for the Vietnam visa can only be applied separately at its own time. Whichever option you pick among these two is dependent on accessibility and convenience to you as a visa applicant.

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Iceland at the Vietnam embassy

Direct application procedure entail presenting yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy at any surrounding country with the facility since Iceland currently does not have a Vietnam embassy.
During this procedure one is guided at the embassy on how to go about the visa application process in addition to being informed about the required documents and standards to be met.
However, the direct application procedure may sometimes not sound convenient, as there are huddles along the way including:
– Long queues at the embassy during peak seasons as a result of tens of visa applicants that turn out for the procedure.
– The service is not applicable during holidays and weekends as embassies are usually closed.
– The service is not always available as some embassies operate at a few hours on working days.
– Visa applicants having to travel from their countries to foreign nations may incur high travel costs.

The best alternative to acquiring the Vietnam visa for Iceland is the online application procedure. This way you get your Vietnam visa with help of the letter of approval as explained below:

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Iceland

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Iceland is more reliable, convenient and faster. You first acquire your letter of approval from the Vietnam immigration department through us and then use it to claim your Vietnam visa from the visa on arrival at any of the three Vietnam international airports upon your arrival there by air.
This procedure however is only available for air travelers. It entails the following steps:
– You first visit our website online and download the visa application forms for printing. Fill in the forms and send them back to us in softcopy form.
– Pay the visa application service online while keenly following our instructions.
– Allow up to 48 working hours to receive your letter of approval from us by email.
– Once received, the letter of approval should be printed for temporal identification when boarding a plane to Vietnam.

Claim your Vietnam visa for Iceland with help of your letter of approval

You can claim your Vietnam visa with your letter of approval from any Vietnam international airport. Simply walk straight to the visa on arrival office located at the airport and present your letter of approval and two copies of your most recent passport photos. While there you will pay visa-stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and handed to you. Now you will have a valid Vietnam visa for Iceland and ready to enter Vietnam!

Conditions to getting the Vietnam visa for Iceland
For a successful visa application procedure, the following conditions need to be met:

– You must have a valid passport that you acquired over six months prior to the visa application date. The passport should have a longer validity beyond that of the awaited visa. Also, this passport should have a full empty page, as the Vietnam visa for Liechtenstein requires a whole page on the passport.
– You must fill in the visa application forms with valid information to ensure consistency of information between your passport and your letter of approval.
– You must have two passport photos you took within the last six months at most.


We strongly suggest you to have the AMERICAN NOTE READY IN YOUR POCKET. The customs at Vietnam international airport will not take any other currencies except the USA cash. You cannot do any exchange after passing through the customs’ gate.

Vietnam Embassy in Iceland October 16, 2012

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Iceland ? We are sorry to announce that there is no embassy or consulate of Vietnam in Iceland at the present. …

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