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Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Finnish

Do Finnish passport holders require visa for entering Vietnam ?

Finn travelers can visit Vietnam 15 days free visa. It means, you do not to apply for Vietnam visa if you come to Vietnam and leave within 15 days. If you need more than that, you can apply for Vietnam visa with Vietnam embassy in your country or you can also apply for Vietnam visa online with Vietnam immigration Department.

How to get Vietnam visa in Finland?

 We wish to inform all citizens of Finland that they need a Vietnam visa for Finnish in order for them to be allowed into Vietnam. We therefore bring the following two visa application procedures to their notice while informing them further about each:

1. The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam embassy
2. Online visa application procedure for the Vietnam visa from our website

When applying for the Vietnam visa as a Finnish citizen you can choose one of the above two visa application procedures depending with your convenience.

Direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Finnish:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Finland
Kulosaarentie 12, 00570 Helsinki
Tel ​: +358-9- 622 99 00​ or +358-9-5626302​
​​Fax: +358 9 622 99 022

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa for Finnish through our website
In order to benefit from this service you will need to be connected to the Internet. That way you can access our website online and start the application procedure for the letter of approval. You will then use the letter of approval acquired from us to acquire your Vietnam visa from the Vietnam visa on arrival office, located at any of the Vietnam international airports. The procedure entails the following few steps:

– Firstly, you will need to visit our website and download the visa application form availed there. Ensure you print the forms and fill them in before submitting them back to us.
– You should then pay the visa service fee from our website online as guided by our instructions there.
– Wait for a maximum of 48 working hours so you can receive your letter of approval from us by email.
– Print this letter of approval as it will be used to as your temporal identification document when boarding a plane to Vietnam and finally when claiming your Vietnam visa for Finnish upon reaching the international airport of Vietnam by air.

How to claim your Vietnam visa for Finnish with your letter of approval:

With your letter of approval, a valid passport and two passport photos you should present yourself at the Visa on Arrival office at the Vietnam international airport. These documents will be used for verification of your visa.
You will finally need to pay a visa-stamping fee to have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and handed to you.

Conditions to getting the Vietnam visa for Finnish
– Must have a valid passport acquired not less than six months ahead of the visa application day. Your passport should have a longer validity that projects beyond that of your visa.
– The two passport photos presented should be the most recent ones not exceeding six months from date.
– You should correctly fill in your visa application forms to ensure the information in your letter of approval is consistent with that in your passport.
– Must keenly and accurately follow all steps and instructions for the visa application process


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