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October 30, 2012
Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Djiboutian

Do Djiboutian passport holders require visa to enter Vietnam ?

Djibouti citizens the same as most of citizens in the Africa is required visa to Vietnam. However, Social Republic of Vietnam has not had embassy or consulate in the Republic of Djibouti yet. For that reason, Djibouti citizens have to find Vietnam embassy in other countries for Vietnam visas or they can apply online on this website. Luckily, under new Vietnam immigration regulations, people of Djibouti can apply Vietnam visa on arrival on the internet with Vietnam Immigration Department.

How to get Vietnam visa in Djibouti?

As a Djibouti citizen you may want to visit Vietnam for various reasons. However, you will first need to acquire a Vietnam visa from the immigration department of Vietnam.  As such, we are pleased to inform you of the two avenues facilitated by the ministry of immigration in Vietnam by which you can apply for your Vietnam visa for Djibouti.

You can choose one of the following options when it comes to applying for your visa to Vietnam:

1. The direct application procedure at the Vietnam embassy or consulate
2. Online application for the letter of approval for the Vietnam visa through our website

Conditions for applying for the Vietnam visa for Djibouti

– You must have a valid visa. This visa should have been acquired at least six months in advance to the day you apply for your Vietnam visa.
– The passport must have a longer validity beyond that of the expected Vietnam visa.
– You must have two passport photos that you have taken recently or within the last six months.
– You must adhere to instructions and keenly answer all questions in visa application forms appropriately to ensure consistency of information in your letter of approval and that in your passport.

How to apply for the Vietnam visa for Djibouti from the Vietnam embassy or consulate

The direct application for the Vietnam visa for Djibouti requires your physical presence. As such, you must show yourself at the Vietnam embassy in person. While there you will be guided on how to undertake the visa application and you will also be informed on what is required of you during the procedure.

However, Djibouti does not have a Vietnam embassy hence visa applicants will have to travel to the nearest countries in order to apply for their Vietnam visas from the available Vietnam embassies around.

All Vietnam embassies remain closed during weekends, on public holidays and after work hours hence there are only a few hours of operation at the Vietnam embassy each week.

If you feel largely inconvenienced by having to apply for your Vietnam visa for Djibouti from the foreign nations, you might want to acquire your visa with help of our online service as explained below:

Online application for the letter of approval to your Vietnam visa for Djibouti

With online application service to visa applicants for the Vietnam visa, you get to acquire a letter of approval which further enables you obtain your visa from the immigration department of Vietnam. The good side of it is you can apply for your visa from any place provided you have access to the Internet. The following steps will lead you to acquiring the letter of approval:

– Visit our website online and download the visa application form. Ensure you print it and fill it in appropriately.
– Scan and upload the softcopy of the completed visa application form to us by email or via our website.
– Pay the visa service fees with us via our website and as guided by our instructions on the site.
– Wait for up to 48 hours to receive your letter of approval by email upon successful validation of your submitted information by the immigration department of Vietnam.
– Print this letter of approval to hardcopy, as it will be used during your travel to Vietnam.

Here is how to acquire your Vietnam visa with your letter of approval:

– When boarding a plane to Vietnam you should identify yourself with your letter of approval.
– Upon arriving in Vietnam by plane you should walk straight to the visa on arrival office located within the international airport of Vietnam.
– Submit your passport, the two passport photos and your letter of approval in there and pay the visa stamping fees.
– Your Vietnam visa will then be stamped on your passport and handed to you by hand. From then you can gain access to the Vietnam!


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