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Vietnam Visa requirements

Vietnam visa requirement for Bhutanese

Bhutanese passport holders are required visa for visiting Vietnam or not ?

The same as most of other countries, Bhutan passport holders are required visa to Vietnam. Depending on the purpose to Vietnam you can apply for tourist or business visa.

Vietnam tourist and business visa is normally issued for 1 month but you can apply up to 3 or 6 months with single or multiple entries option. With tourist visa you can travel, visit friends or family but you cannot work or doing business. Therefore, if you want to work or doing business you need to apply for Vietnam business visa. Business visa allows you to work, visiting and traveling.

How to get Vietnam visa in Bhutan?

As a Bhutanese citizen wishing to visit Vietnam, it is our pleasure to inform you that you need a Vietnam visa in order to enter Vietnam. You have two options at your disposal to apply for your Vietnam visa as listed below:

– The direct application option at the Vietnam embassy
– Online application service with help of the letter of approval.

However, you should first familiarize yourself with the following conditions set for all visa applicants by the immigration department of Vietnam:

Conditions to getting the Vietnam visa Bhutanese

– You must have a valid passport that you acquired not less than the last six months. The passport should have a longer lifespan that exceeds that of the anticipated visa
– Your passport information should reflect exactly as it is in your letter of approval
– You must correctly and appropriately fill in the visa application forms to ensure your letter of approval is consistent with your personal information.
– You must have two passport photos you acquired not any longer than the last six months.

The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa:
The direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa requires your physical presence at the Vietnam embassy. In this case you will be required to present yourself in person at the Vietnam embassy in order to fill in the visa application forms from there.
However, Bhutanese does not have a Vietnam embassy up to date. As such, visa applicants for the Vietnam visa for Bhutanese will have to find the nearest Vietnam embassy from neighboring countries to make their visa applications from there.
All instructions and guidelines on how to undertake the visa application procedure will be provided while at the embassy. This procedure however as a few downsides among them:
– It may not always be applicable as public holidays and weekends are excepted from the work calendar.
– You cannot get a rush visa.
– If from a country that does not have a Vietnam embassy you must show up in person there regardless of distance to be covered.

For all the above and many other challenges the direct application procedure for the Vietnam visa may be quite an inconvenience to many first time applicants.

Online application procedure for the Vietnam visa
With the online application service for the Vietnam visa, you get served with the letter of approval that allows you to claim your Vietnam visa for Bhutanese from the Vietnam immigration department. All you need to do is follow the following procedures:
– Visit our website and download the visa application forms from there.
– Clear the visa service fees with us as instructed on our website and strictly follow our instructions.
– Wait up to 48 working hours to receive your letter of approval from us by email.
– Once received, the letter of approval should be printed for use as temporal identification document when boarding a plane to Vietnam. Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport it will be used among other documents to claim for your Vietnam visa for Bhutanese.
Here is how to claim your Vietnam visa for Bhutanese from the Vietnam visa on arrival office.
Immediately you land at the Vietnam international airport, walk straight to the visa on arrival office. Provide your passport, your two passport photos and your letter of approval and finally pay the visa stamping fees to have the Vietnam visa for Bhutanese stamped on your passport right there.
You are now free to legally enter Vietnam!



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