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Vietnamese Business Visa for Swiss 2024 – Documents and Procedure to Obtain Vietnam Business E-visa For Swiss

Swiss entering Vietnam for business purposes have to apply Vietnam Business Visa (also known as a Vietnam DN Visa). Vietnamese Business Visa is a short-term visa, issued to Swiss who will be working with a company in Vietnam, attending a meeting/negotiation, signing a contract, etc. but do not have a work permit.

1/ Can Swiss work in Vietnam with Vietnamese Business Visa 2024?

Yes, Swiss passport holders can work in Vietnam if they hold a Business Visa, as long as the duration of each entry does not exceed 90 days.

If Swiss are going to be working for longer than three months, Swiss should apply Vietnam Work Permit and temporary resident card.

2/ What are the requirements for applying Vietnamese Business Visa for Swiss 2024?

In order to apply Vietnamese business visa, Swiss need to prepare these below documents:

a/ Swiss passport, which has at least six months’ validity.

  • If Swiss apply Vietnamese E-visa online, Swiss have to send a scan of passport’s personal information page.

b/ Passport-size picture(s) with the following specifications:

  • Size: 4 cm x 6 cm
  • Taken recently
  • White background
  • Swiss applicant must be centered in the picture, staring ahead with a neutral facial expression
  • If Swiss applicant wear headgear for religious purposes or have a wig, Swiss may keep it in the picture but must also be wearing on arrival
  • Swiss must not wear any glasses

c/ If Swiss apply Vietnamese business visa at an Embassy:

  • The Vietnam Visa Application Form. Depending on which country Swiss are applying from, Swiss can either download it or get the Vietnam Visa Application Form at the Embassy.
  • Letter of Sponsorship/Entry Clearance
  • Any other additional documents that the Vietnam Embassy may require, such as a Letter of Invitation.

d/ If Swiss apply Vietnamese Business Visa On Arrival:

  • Pre-obtained Letter of Approval
  • Entry and Exit Form. Swiss will receive this on the airplane and Swiss have to complete it before handing it in at the Immigration Officers at the port of entry
  • Cash to pay the Vietnam visa stamping fee

3/ How can Swiss get Vietnamese Business Visa 2024?

Swiss can apply Vietnamese Business Visa through one of the following ways:

  • At Vietnamese Embassy in Switzerland
  • On arrival, at one of the eligible international airports in Vietnam
  • Online, through Vietnam e-visa website

3.1/ Getting Vietnam Business Visa at an Embassy in Switzerland

If Swiss want to apply Vietnamese Business Visa, Swiss have to approach the nearest Vietnam Embassy. There is a Vietnam embassy in Switzerland, which all Swiss and foreigners can come to submit visa application.

The application process when Swiss apply Vietnamese business visa at an Embassy is:

a/ The sponsor company in Vietnam applies for a Letter of Sponsorship or Letter of Entry Clearance from the Immigration Services in Vietnam after Swiss send them the following information:

  • Full name
  • The dates exact in which Swiss will enter and depart
  • Type of business visa Swiss need (single or multiple-entry)
  • The Vietnamese Embassy where Swiss will get the Business Visa from

b/ The application for Letter of Sponsorship/Letter of Entry Clearance takes about 7 days to process for Swiss. After it is issued, the sponsor in Vietnam will send to Swiss applicant email.

c/ Swiss submit the application for a Vietnamese Business Visa along with the Letter of Sponsorship/Letter of Entry Clearance at the Embassy.

  • Once Vietnamese Business Visa for Swiss has been approved, it will be affixed on passport and Swiss can use it to enter Vietnam.

3.2 Getting Vietnamese Business Visa On Arrival for Swiss

Applying for a Vietnamese Business Visa On Arrival is a faster and easier option than applying at an Embassy. However, Swiss can only get a visa on arrival at one of the following ports of entry:

  • Tan Son Nhat international airport in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.
  • Danang international Airport in Da Nang.
  • Cat Bi international Airport in Hai Phong.
  • Cam Ranh international Airport in Nha Trang.
  • Phu Quoc airport in Phu Quoc island

To apply Vietnamese Business Visa On Arrival, Swiss first have to get a Letter of Approval from the Vietnamese Immigration Department. Swiss can get the Letter of Approval online, by contacting one of the private travel agencies or companies that are authorized by the Immigration Department to request Letters of Approval on behalf of the applicants.

Once Swiss have Letter of Approval, Swiss can travel to Vietnam, where Swiss have to line up at the visa-issuing counters at the airport and wait to get business visa stamped on passport.

3.3/ Getting a Vietnam Business E-Visa online for Swiss

Swiss citizenship is able to get Vietnamese Business E-Visa online, through the Vietnam E-visa Portal. However, the validity of Vietnam e-Visa is only 30 days for a single-entry. If Swiss want to stay longer, Swiss will have to apply Business Visa through one of the other two options.

Steps to apply Vietnamese business E-visa for Swiss:

Swiss businessmen can apply directly by access the Vietnam e-visa application website and fill out all required information:

  • Access Vietnam e-visa application website to apply Vietnamese business visa for Swiss
  • Choose Switzerland as nationality
  • Choose “working” as purpose for applying business visa
  • Select correct entry date, exit date, entry port and exit port
  • upload a picture of yourself, a scanned picture of your passport
  • Type email address which will receive the visa result
  • pay the visa fee

After finishing visa application form, visa for Swiss will be process. It takes 3 working days to process E-visa and the visa PDF result will be sent to email registered in application form.

4/ What is the duration of a Vietnamese Business Visa for Swiss?

Vietnamese Business Visas for Swiss can be issued for 1 month, 3 months and for single, or multiple entries.

For a longer working trip to Vietnam, Swiss need to ask the sponsor company in Vietnam to apply work permit and then getting temporary resident card. Vietnam work permit and temporary resident card for Swiss are both valid for 2 years. It is used as long term visa for Swiss in Vietnam.

5/ Can Swiss extend Vietnamese Business Visa in Vietnam 2024?

Swiss can apply to extend Vietnamese Business Visa at the nearest Immigration Office in Vietnam. Swiss will need a letter of invitation or sponsorship from the inviting company. Swiss can also ask the local visa agent in Vietnam to handle visa extension to simplify the process.

Vietnam business visa for Swiss can be extended up to 3 months.

In brief, Swiss can apply Vietnamese business visa for a short business trip to Vietnam, while Swiss should apply work permit to work long term in Vietnam. Swiss can apply business visa at Vietnam embassy in Switzerland or apply E-visa online or apply visa on arrival at the airport. For more information about Vietnam business visa for Swiss, please contact us through email


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