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How To Get Vietnam Visa For Dutch 2024 – Vietnam Tourist Visa & Business Visa For Dutch

Dutch tourists and businessmen come to Vietnam can follow these below instruction to get Vietnam visa. This is detailed guide about Vietnam Tourist and Business Visa for Dutch Passport Holders only. For those who are preparing a trip to Vietnam, these information is very useful.

1/ Do Dutch Citizens need visa for entry Vietnam 2024?

Yes. Dutch Citizens are REQUIRED to get a valid visa to enter Vietnam for either tourism or business purpose.

Vietnam visa exemption policy is only for 24 countries, not including Netherlands. Therefore, Dutch citizens need to apply visa before coming to Vietnam.

To visit Vietnam, in addition to the Vietnam visa requirements, travelers with Netherlands passports should meet the entry requirements:

  • Netherlands passport should be valid for at least 6 months following arrival date in Vietnam;
  • Netherlands passport has at least 2 blank pages.

Please note that from May 2022, Vietnam does not require Dutch passport holders to provide vaccination certificate, negative Covid-19 test, insurance any more. When arriving Vietnam, Dutch just show passport and visa for entry.

2/ Is there e-visa or visa on arrival for Dutch visiting Vietnam?

Yes. At the moment, the visa on arrival option is available for Dutch to get Vietnam business visa only. Tourist visa on arrival is now suspended for all nationalities.

Vietnam e-visa is also available for Dutch to get both business visa and tourist visa for Vietnam.

Both Vietnam e-visa and visa on arrival can be applied online and get granted in a few days.

3/ How to Get Vietnam Visa for Dutch 2024

The way to get Vietnam visa for Netherlands passport holders depends on the type of visa they get, i.e. tourist visa or business visa. You can find the detailed instructions below.

3.1/ How to get a Vietnam tourist visa for Dutch 2024

Before Covid-19, Dutch citizens may have up to 02 ways to get a tourist visa, consisting of:

  • Get a tourist visa at Vietnam embassy/consulate,
  • Get a Vietnam visa online, including VISA ON ARRIVAL and E-VISA

BUT, currently, the Netherlands passport holders can get a 30-day single entry tourist visa ONLY which is issued in the form of a loose-leaf visa and must be obtained before departure for Vietnam (it is known as Vietnam e-visa or electronic visa). The other types of tourist visas for Vietnam have not been resumed yet.

This type of tourist visa can be applied online through our service in 4 simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Click on to access the Vietnam E-visa application form

Step 2: Complete the secure online visa application form and make payment.

Step 3: E-visa will be issued and sent to your registered email together with a detailed guide on requirements and regulations on Vietnam entry.

Step 4: You will only need to download your visa and show it to the Vietnam Immigration Officer to complete the entry into Vietnam.

3.2/ How to get Vietnam business visa for Dutch citizens 2024

From 2024, there are two ways to apply Vietnam business visa for Dutch:

  • Get a business visa by VISA ON ARRIVAL
  • Get a Vietnam business E-visa online

Vietnam business E-visa application for Dutch is also available at , you can follow the guidance above to apply it.

For business visa on arrival: Dutch citizens are REQUIRED to have a sponsor company in Vietnam. The sponsor company means the company which you will come to work for or do business with. This company will issue invitation letter to prove your business purpose.

There are 02 steps that you and your employer in Vietnam need to follow to get a business visa to Vietnam as follows:

Step 1: Get Vietnam visa approval letter

In this step, your sponsor company will need to prepare the following documents:

  • Form NA2
  • Form NA16
  • Certified business registration

And then, your sponsor company will submit these documents to the Vietnam Immigration Department which will process the application within 5 – 7 working days of receipt of full valid documents.

If the application is approved, your sponsor company will receive a business visa approval letter which allows you to get a business visa for Vietnam.

Step 2: Get business visa stamp

In this step, you will get a business visa stamped on your passport at Vietnamese airports when you arrive in Vietnam.

We just shared the guidance to get Vietnam visa for Dutch passport holders updated 2024. In case you need help with Vietnam business visa or tourist visa, we are always here to support you. Please send us an email through to get support from us.


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