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Vietnam Business Visa Guide For Mongolian people in 2024 – How to Apply Vietnam Business Electronic visa For Mongolian people

The trade relationship of Vietnam and Mongolia is continuous growth over the past few years. A lot of businessmen from Mongolia have the demand to come to Vietnam for business opportunity. When Mongolian people enter Vietnam, is visa required? How to get Vietnam visa for business purpose for Mongolian citizens.

1/ Introduction about Vietnam business visa for Mongolian people

Vietnam has different visa categories such as: tourist visa, business visa, family visit visa, student visa, transit visa. If Mongolian people are going to Vietnam for business purpose, Mongolian people would need to get a business Vietnam visa which is known as DN visa. A business Vietnam visa for Mongolian people can have different duration: 1 month single/ multiple entry, 3 months single/ multiple entry.

Vietnam business visa is used for Mongolian people who come to Vietnam for business activities such as attending meeting, searching the market, signing contract or working activities such as short working period in Vietnam.

2/ How can Mongolian people get Vietnam business visa in 2024?

Currently, there are 2 ways of getting Vietnam business visa for Mongolian citizens

2.1/ Apply for Vietnam business visa at Vietnam Embassy in Mongolia or Vietnam embassies in a third country.

Mongolian people submitting Vietnam business visa at Vietnam Embassy will be required to submit documents below:

  • Original Passport (valid at least 06 months from the departure date)
  • Completed Vietnam visa application form
  • Passport sized photo of 4×6 cm
  • Invitation letter from the business partner in Vietnam
  • Vietnam visa fee to Vietnamese Embassy / Consulate General of Vietnam
  • Return flight ticket (Mongolia – Vietnam – Mongolia)
  • Hotel booking confirmation in Vietnam

Processing time: In common, it takes 7 working days to get Vietnam business visa for Mongolian people issued at Vietnam Embassy.

Official address of Vietnam Embassy in Mongolia

Бүгд Найрамдах Социалист Вьетнам Улсаас Монгол Улсад суугаа Элчин сайдын яам

Энхтайвaны өргөн чөлөө 47, Улаанбаатар, Төв шуудангийн хайрцаг 670

Ерөнхий шугам: (00-976 -11) 454 632 эсвэл (00-976 -11) 458 917

Факс: (00-976 -11) 458 923

Имэйл:  эсвэл


2.2/ Apply Vietnam business visa online for Mongolian people

Beside applying Vietnam business visa at the embassy or consulate, Mongolian people also can apply Vietnam business visa online.

Vietnam accepts visa application online which helps Mongolian people to simplify the process. All Mongolian Passport Holders need to do is submitting the online application form and visa will be sent to the email address.

Please note that you will not be able to skip the process of submitting Vietnam visa application form online because the airlines will not allow you to check in without seeing your valid visa.

Procedures to apply Vietnam business visa online for Mongolian people:

Step 1: Submit Vietnam visa application form online

Click here to start the Vietnam business visa application form. You are required to fill up all information in the forms, then attach passport and photo. Please note that you should choose “working purpose” when filling the visa application form.

Step 2: Pay for Vietnam business visa service fee

After finishing the application form, you will receive payment notification. There are different ways of sending payment include: Bank transfer, Pay online with Credit Card/ Debit Card, Paypal. Vietnam business visa fee for Mongolian people would base on your visa type and it also may change from time to time due to Immigration Policy.

Step 3. Get Vietnam visa through email

Vietnam business visa for Mongolian people will be issued within 3 working days after submitting. In case Mongolian people would like to get your Vietnam visa urgently, Mongolian people can order express service and Vietnam business visa will be done within 01 working days with extra service fee. Vietnam visa will be sent to your email. You are highly recommended to double check the information includes: Full name, nationality, passport number, gender, visa type, and visa validity. If you find any mistakes, immediately should let us know to fix the errors in time. We will take all responsibility for all the mistakes cause by us. In case for any special reason that your Vietnam visa request is not accepted by Vietnam Immigration Department, we will inform you via email and we will refund you back 100% service charge.

Step 4. Enter Vietnam

Mongolian people please bring Vietnam visa to get admission checking in the plane to Vietnam. Upon arrive at Vietnam airport, Mongolian Passport Holders just need to show the printed visa and original passport for entry.

This is all guidance about Vietnam business visa for Mongolian people. If you are preparing for a business trip to Vietnam, you should apply business visa at least 1 week before the entry date. Applying Vietnam business visa online is considered as the best way to get Vietnam business visa now for Mongolian people. It’s very convenient for all Mongolian people and businessmen. If you have any further question about Vietnam business visa, just feel free to contact us at

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