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How To Get Vietnam Visa For Mongolian people In Darkhan in 2024 – Procedures for Applying Vietnam Visa From Darkhan

Mongolian people in Darkhan can apply Vietnam visa easily by following this article. The content is for Mongolian people who want to apply Vietnam visa in Darkhan, included applying Vietnam visa online for Mongolian people in Darkhan and applying Vietnam visa offline in Darkhan.

Mongolia nationality is not included in the Vietnam visa exemption list. If you are Mongolian Passport Holders or residents in Darkhan, remember to apply Vietnam visa beforehand because you cannot get into Vietnam without it.

But how to get a visa for Vietnam in Darkhan, Mongolia? The answer is so easy. There are two ways for Mongolian people to do so as follows:

1/ Get Vietnam visa online for Mongolian people in Darkhan

Visa online is preferred by various Mongolian people, especially Mongolian people who live far from the Vietnam embassies and do not wish to send their passport away via post. It becomes more and more popular for its easy and convenient application and economy as well. It allows Mongolian people to complete their application and get visa online.

Let’s see advantages of Vietnam visa online application:

  • Time saving: 3 working days processing
  • Convenience: no passport send-off, no embassy chase-down, online application
  • Cost saving: saving your postal and travel costs;
  • Simple documents: not required complicated documents, just passport and photo.

4 simple steps to get Vietnam visa online in Darkhan:

  • Fill out the Vietnam visa application form ,
  • Pay for Vietnam visa service fee ,
  • Get visa approval via email in 3 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) or even 4 working hours (super urgent service),
  • Print out the visa, take it along with passport and then enter Vietnam

2/ Get Vietnam visa offline for Mongolian people in Darkhan

In order to apply Vietnam visa in person, Mongolian people need to come directly to Vietnam embassy office. This office has the right to issue Vietnam visa for Mongolian people.

In fact, there is no Vietnam embassy in Darkhan. For Mongolian people living in Darkhan and want to apply Vietnam visa in person, they have to come to Vietnam embassy in Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolian people have to come in person to the embassy, fill out the application form, present 02 photos, pay the fee in cash, return to the embassy after 7-10 working days to receive Vietnam visa

Address of Vietnam embassy in Mongolia:

Бүгд Найрамдах Социалист Вьетнам Улсаас Монгол Улсад суугаа Элчин сайдын яам

Энхтайвaны өргөн чөлөө 47, Улаанбаатар, Төв шуудангийн хайрцаг 670

Ерөнхий шугам: (00-976 -11) 454 632 эсвэл (00-976 -11) 458 917

Факс: (00-976 -11) 458 923

Имэйл:  эсвэл



– Before applying for Vietnam visa, make sure your Mongolian people passport is valid for at least 6 months from your entry date;

You knew about Vietnam visa for Mongolian people in Darkhan and the ways to process Vietnam visa for Mongolian people in Darkhan. For more information about Vietnam visa in Darkhan, feel free to let us know via email

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