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How To Apply Vietnam Visa For Danish In Singapore 2024 – Vietnam Visa For Danish Flying From Singapore To Vietnam

There are many Danish who are living or working or travelling in Singapore need to come to Vietnam. When Danish flying from Singapore to Vietnam, whether they need visa or not? How can an Danish apply Vietnam visa in Singapore? And which types of visa accept Danish flying from Singapore to Vietnam? We will find the answer as details in this article.

1/ Do Danish need visa for flying from Singapore to Vietnam 2024?

Vietnam resumed the visa waiver program for exemption countries list. Danish passport holders can visit Vietnam for free visa up to 15 days.

All Danish passport holders traveling to Vietnam can get a visa exemption for up to 15 days. If the trip is more than 15 days, Danish visitors are required to hold a valid Vietnam tourist visa, while Danish businessmen need to get a valid business visa before the trip.

Vietnam Visa for Danish in Singapore can be obtained in different ways, but the entry port must be correct. For example, Danish citizens with visa showing that the entry port is Tan Son Nhat airport can fly to Tan Son Nhat airport – Ho Chi Minh city only. Therefore, when applying Vietnam visa in Singapore, Danish need to check carefully.

2/ How can Danish apply Vietnam visa in Singapore 2024?

There are two ways to apply for Vietnam visa for Danish from Singapore:

2.1/ Apply Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassies in Singapore

This is the traditional way when visa online was not applicable. It is effective for all Danish in Singapore and for all borders in Vietnam (airports, land or sea).

Procedure to get Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in Singapore for Danish:

Danish have to go to the Vietnam Embassy in Singapore to apply the visa. Original passport, 4x6cm photos and visa application forms are required to submit Vietnam visa application and it might take around 5 – 7 working days for processing.

Danish should contact the Vietnamese embassy in Singapore in advance to update the visa requirements.

You are advised to contact the Embassy for visa application requirements in advance. After a long time of closure, Vietnam visa issued at Vietnam embassy in Singapore is more complicated. More documents are required and procedure can be more complicated.

For further information, please contact the Visa Section of Vietnam Embassy in Singapore:

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Republic of Singapore

Address: 10 Leedon Park, Singapore 267887

Telephone: (+65) 64625938

Fax: (+65) 64689863



2.2/ Apply Vietnam Visa online in Singapore

Vietnam opened again online visa application system which Danish can apply at anywhere, even in Singapore. Danish in Singapore can submit this visa online and get visa approval very quickly.

Vietnam visa online is nowadays preferred for its convenience, such as: no need to go far away for submitting visa application forms, no need to send off your passport, do it everywhere online and save your time (1 – 3 working days only).

Procedure to get Vietnam visa online in Singapore for Danish:

Danish first need to visit the online application website to submit visa application form. Danish have to fill all required information in this forms, such as personal information and visa information. Then Danish make the payment, and wait for 3 working days (normal service) or 1 working day (urgent service) to get Visa Approval via email. Danish need to print out the visa, then checking whether there are any mistake or error, because this visa will be checked again before Danish fly from Singapore to Vietnam by airlines staff. If the visa is wrong for any information, Danish can be refused for boarding.

At Vietnamese airport, Danish just need to show passport and visa approval to get entry into Vietnam.

3/ Which types of visa accept Danish flying from Singapore to Vietnam 2024?

In fact, both the visa issued at Vietnam embassy in Singapore and visa approved online can be used to enter Vietnam from Singapore. Danish are recommended to apply Vietnam visa online because this type of visa is easy and convenient for applying and using.

Danish can choose any of below airports to enter Vietnam from Singapore:

  • Danish flying from Singapore to Ha Noi can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Noi Bai airport
  • Danish flying from Singapore to Ho Chi Minh can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Tan Son Nhat airport
  • Danish flying from Singapore to Da Nang can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Da Nang airport
  • Danish flying from Singapore to Nha Trang can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Cam Ranh airport
  • Danish flying from Singapore to Hai Phong can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Cat Bi airport
  • Danish flying from Singapore to Phu Quoc island can use Vietnam e-visa to enter Phu Quoc airport

We just went through all information about Vietnam visa application for Danish in Singapore as well as visa requirements for Danish flying from Singapore to Vietnam. For any further information relating to Vietnam visa, do not hesitate to contact us via email . We are always pleasure to support you at our best.


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