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Are Mongolian people Exempted From Visa For Entering Vietnam in 2024? Vietnam Visa Waiver Program For Mongolian people

There is some confused information on the internet so that Mongolian people are not sure whether they are exempted from Vietnam visa or not. In this article, we will make it clear so that Mongolian people can plan the trip to Vietnam well.

1/ Vietnam visa waiver program for Mongolian people in 2024

Vietnam immigration policies regulated that almost residents of all countries must have Vietnam visa prior to arriving Vietnam, except the citizens of Vietnam visa exempted countries. Whether Mongolian people are exempted from Vietnam visa?

In fact, Vietnam only offer visa waiver program for 24 countries, the full list as below:

Mongolia is not in Vietnam visa waiver program list. However, Mongolian Passport Holders still can get visa exemption if they travel to Phu Quoc only with less than 30 days of stay. In case staying in Phu Quoc more than 30 days, or travel to any other places of Vietnam, Mongolian people have to apply visa before coming.

2/ Vietnam visa requirements for Mongolian citizens in 2024

Mongolian people need a visa to enter Vietnam. Visa is one of the many things for which Mongolian citizens need to prepare before traveling to Vietnam. Depending on the trip, Mongolian people need to get visa prior to departure date:

  • The airlines staff will check visa or approval letter of visa before letting Mongolian people boarding the airplane.
  • Visa is a must for Mongolian people when arriving at Vietnam. Visa can be obtained online or apply directly at the embassy or consulate.
  • Vietnam visa for Mongolian people can be valid from 1 month to 3 months with single or multiple entry
  • Mongolian people need to apply Vietnam business visa for business trip to Vietnam
  • Mongolian people need to apply Vietnam tourist visa for travelling to Vietnam

3/ Ways to apply Vietnam visa for Mongolian people from Mongolia in 2024

From Mongolia, Mongolian people applicants may apply Vietnam visa by 2 options:

Getting Electronic visa online within 3 working days or just 4 working hours. It is beneficial for Mongolian people who are living far away from Vietnam embassy or consulate. This Electronic visa is used for single entry only and valid for 30 days.

When applying for Vietnam electronic visa, there is NO document and original passport required for Mongolian people. Mongolian applicants just need to provide the visa information by filling in the online application form with full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number. The Electronic visa will be issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department and delivered via email at a given time.

Getting a Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy in Mongolia: This option is only for Mongolian people living near the embassy office address. It takes 5 – 7 working days to get visa for Mongolian people by this way.

Required documents to apply Vietnam Embassy visa application for Mongolian people include original passport, application form attached with 1 photo, some documents to prove the purpose.

We strongly recommend that Mongolian people should apply Vietnam visa online. This is the best way to get Vietnam visa right now. Mongolian people don’t need to prepare any documents as well as don’t need to move far away to submit. All procedures will be done online.

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For further information about Vietnam visa requirements and procedure to apply Vietnam visa, please contact us through email

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