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[Vietnam Visa Extension 2021] How To Extend 1-Year Vietnam Business Visa

I am holding a 1-year Vietnam business visa, and it is about to expire soon. How can I extend my visa to prolong my stay in Vietnam? What is the maximum duration I can get for Vietnam visa extension? What is required to submit Vietnam business visa extension?

Vietnam business visa is issued for those who come to Vietnam for working purpose. It can be valid 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. For 1-year Vietnam business visa, the visa holders can stay in Vietnam for the whole 1 year without leaving or extend. However, it’s required to extend the business visa when it is nearly to expire if you do not want to leave Vietnam, especially in pandemic period.

Vietnam 1-year business visa can be extended for another 1 month, 3 months or even 1 year if the visa holders meet the requirements. Vietnam visa extension is a small stamp which will be stamped onto your passport to prolong your stay in Vietnam. This stamp will be immediately invalid when you leave Vietnam due to any reason.

Another type of visa extension is visa renewal. You can request a new visa with a new validation when you are in Vietnam. This visa renewal is a visa sticker which will be sticked onto your passport. It is multiple entry visa, so you can use this visa to stay in Vietnam or leave and re-enter many times during the valid time of visa.

How to extend Vietnam 1-year business visa?

Vietnam visa is issued, extended and renewed by Vietnam immigration office. If you are in Vietnam, you can directly come to Vietnam immigration office in the province/city you are currently living. However, the procedure is quite difficult because the immigration officer requires a Vietnam company to sponsor your stay in Vietnam. You have to prepare some required documents which are signed and red sealed by sponsored company in advance and submit at immigration office. The maximum of extension is normally 1 month or 3 months if you submit as an individual.

Another way is, applying through a visa agency. The fee to apply Vietnam visa extension through visa agency, of course, will be higher than submitting directly at immigration office because you need to pay service fee. However, you only need to provide the original passport. All other required documents, the visa agency will help you to prepare. Moreover, you can get another 1 year visa renewal if you process through a Vietnam visa agency.

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