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[Extending Vietnam Visa Exemption 2022] How Can Russia Passport Extend Duration of Stay After Entering Vietnam With 15 Days Free Visa?

Russia passport holders are exempted from visa if staying in Vietnam less than 15 days. If you hold a Russia passport and you want to prolong the stay in Vietnam after entering by this visa exemption, you should process visa extension. In this article, we will guide you the ways to extend the duration of stay if you enter Vietnam through a 15-day visa exemption.

Policies on Vietnam visa exemption for Russia passport

From March 2022, Vietnam government has resumed the visa exemption policies for Russia passport. Russia citizens can enter Vietnam without visa if staying in Vietnam is less than 15 days.

For those who want to visit Vietnam for more than 15 days, they should apply a Vietnam visa before coming. But how’s about Russia people who already entered Vietnam by a 15-day free visa? Can they apply for a visa extension without leaving Vietnam to prolong the stay in Vietnam?

In fact, before Covid-19, Russia passport holding a Vietnam visa exemption stamp can process extension. Vietnam immigration allows Russia people to extend 15 days, 1 months or 3 months for a longer staying. The procedure is very easy.

However, due to pandemic, the rules of visa extension change frequently. We recommend that Russia passport holder should contact us through email to recheck and update the procedures. We work directly with the immigration department, so we know the latest update and we can advise the best solution.

How to extend the stay in Vietnam for Russia passport entering by 15-day free visa?

Russia passport coming Vietnam with a visa extension can process visa extension through our service. We provide Vietnam visa extension services for all nationalities and you can contact us to process it easily.

Procedure to check Vietnam visa extension for Russia passport holders:

In order to check whether you can apply visa extension or not, you just need to take a picture of your visa (in case you enter by visa exemption, take a picture of visa exemption stamp on your passport), then send an email to us through . We will reply your email with detailed guidance and information right after receiving your email.

Normally, Russia passport just need to submit the original passport to us. We will prepare all other required documents, and then submit visa extension request to immigration department. After the request is approved, we will inform the result through email in details.

We also provide service for picking passport at home (in the big cities). We can provide staff to get your passport, then submit it to do the visa extension, and send it back to your address. Or course, before processing visa extension, we will confirm all detailed information such as price, required documents, processing day, options to extend, etc.

In conclusion, Russia passport holders can contact us for a visa extension service if they enter Vietnam through 15-day free visa policy. We also provide a wide range of Vietnam visa extension services such as: Extension for Vietnam e-visa, extension for Vietnam visa on arrival, extension for work permit, extension for temporary resident card, etc. If you have any inquiry, just feel free to contact us through .

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