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How to Extend Vietnam E-Visa For Sammarinese 2022 – Procedures to Renew Vietnam E-Visa For Sammarinese

Sammarinese passport can apply Vietnam e-visa and enter Vietnam for 30 days with single entry. However, after entering Vietnam with E-visa, can Sammarinese extend the length of stay for more than 30 days? How to process a Vietnam e-visa extension for Sammarinese citizens? In this article, we will discuss about the options available for Sammarinese passport who want to prolong the stay in Vietnam.

Can Sammarinese extend Vietnam E-visa for more than 30 days?

Vietnam E-visa is a single entry visa which is valid only 30 days. After entry, if Sammarinese people need to stay more, they have to extend the visa.

Vietnam e-visa can be extended 15 days, 1 month or more depending on the demand of Sammarinese applicants. Before Covid-19 pandemic, procedure to extend Vietnam E-visa for Sammarinese is very simple. Sammarinese passport holders only need to submit the original passport and fill out visa extension request form. Vietnam e-visa extension can be extended within 3 working days and the new valid date will be counted from the expiry date.

However, after pandemic, the rule changes a lot and sometimes Sammarinese citizens cannot get extended if holding a Vietnam e-visa. After re-issuance, Vietnam government still need a period of time to evaluate the new visa policy as well as the pandemic control situation. That is the reason why the visa extension policy can be changed without notice. It’s recommended for Sammarinese to recheck all requirements of Vietnam e-visa extension with us through email . We will update the latest information under current law and recommend the best solution at that time.

Ways to extend Vietnam E-visa for Sammarinese 2022

There are two ways to process Vietnam e-visa extension for Sammarinese in 2022: Apply Vietnam visa extension without leaving Vietnam or apply a new e-visa and do a border run.

1/ Submit Vietnam e-visa extension for Sammarinese

At the time we write this article, Vietnam still closes the visa extension for e-visa holders. Sammarinese entering Vietnam by an e-visa cannot extend the duration of stay. However, it’s expected that all visa policies will be resumed the same as before Covid-19 pandemic period soon. Therefore, Vietnam e-visa extension for Sammarinese can be resumed in in the near future. It’s recommended to check with us whether Sammarinese passport can submit e-visa extension through email .

If Vietnam e-visa extension is available for Sammarinese at the time you check, we will clearly guide you the way to process visa extension in Vietnam.

2/ Apply a visa renewal and do a border run for Sammarinese

If visa extension is not available for Sammarinese at the time you check, you also can apply a new visa and do the border run to re-enter Vietnam.

Sammarinese can apply a new e-visa even they are in Vietnam and the old visa is still valid. After new visa is approved. Sammarinese passport holders can do the border run to cancel the old visa and use the new visa to enter Vietnam again.

Border run can be crossing the borders between Vietnam and Cambodia, or Laos, or China. Sammarinese also can fly to another country to do the border run. For our experience, crossing the nearby border will save a lot of time and money, and it can be the best option for Sammarinese. For example, Sammarinese living in Ho Chi Minh city can take a bus to Tay Ninh province, then do the border run through “Moc Bai border” and then come back to Vietnam at the same day.

We just shared the information related to Vietnam e-visa extension and renewal for Sammarinese passport. We also studied the ways to extend Vietnam e-visa when you are in Vietnam and leaving Vietnam for renewing the visa. If you meet any difficulties when trying to extend your stay in Vietnam, just feel free to contact us through email .

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