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Vietnam Visa Exemption – Do Saudi Arabian Citizens Need Visa To Enter Vietnam?

With the development of Vietnam tourism, more and more tourists all around the world come to this country, included Saudi Arabian citizens. Do Saudi Arabian citizens need to apply visa before coming to Vietnam, or they are exempt from visa when entering Vietnam? What are the requirements to apply Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian citizens? These questions will be answer in this article.

1/ Is it required to have a visa when coming to Vietnam for Saudi Arabian citizens?

As we know, visa is one of the most important documents when traveling abroad. Without visa, you cannot enter a foreign country. However, with the good relationship between country and country, some countries issued visa exemption policy for the other ones. So, do Vietnam have visa exemption policy for citizens of Saudi Arabia?

Vietnam is currently exempt from visa for 24 countries with different staying duration.

There are 24 countries which now can travel to Vietnam without visa. You can see this table for detailed information.


Free Visa Country Note
90 days Chile
30 days Cambodia
21 days Philippines
14 days Brunei
15 days* Belarus A gap of at least 30 days between two visa-free visits is required
South Korea
United Kingdom

Saudi Arabian citizens are not in this list. It means Saudi Arabian citizens still need to apply visa when coming to Vietnam.

2/ How to apply Vietnam visa for Saudi Arabian citizens?

Although Saudi Arabian citizens are not exempt from Vietnam visa, the procedure to apply Vietnam visa is very simple. Saudi Arabian citizens can apply online for getting a visa to Vietnam now.

First step, you click on this link to access visa online application page

On the visa application form, you are required to fill out your personal information (such as full name (in English language), date of birth, gender, nationality, etc. and choose the type of visa you want to apply. Then you type email address which will be used to receive the visa result.

Second step, you make payment online. You can use your credit card, debit card, or master card to process the payment through Paypal gate. The visa application page is secure, so it’s surely safe for your payment information.

Third step, you will receive the email confirmation about your visa order right after making payment successfully. You must check again to make sure all information is correct. Then you just wait for the visa result.

Forth step, after processing time, you will receive the visa result through email. You also receive the instruction for using this visa in detail through email. Just follow the guidance and use the visa to enter Vietnam.

In conclusion, Saudi Arabian citizens need to apply Vietnam visa when coming to this country. However, the procedure to get Vietnam visa is not difficult and it can be done online with a few simple steps. Please follow these 4 steps above and get a visa before coming to Vietnam.


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