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Process of Entry Into Vietnam and Quarantine After Entering Vietnam For Foreigners

Under the serious influence of Covid19, the Vietnamese government is tightening policies related to visa and entry. Only a few special cases approved by the government are allowed to enter Vietnam. And for entry, safety regulations for epidemic prevention and isolation are the first requirement. In this article, we will describe the process of entering Vietnam for foreigners and quarantine requirements for foreigners entering Vietnam.

1 / Prerequisites for entry into Vietnam

a / Measures against Covid-19 of Vietnam

At the present time, to enter Vietnam, the person on entry needs to perform the following steps:

(1) Apply for and get an entry permit and pre-entry visa

(2) Submit negative PCR test results 3 to 7 days before entry.

(3) Medical clearance

(4) Isolation 14 days after entry

(5) During the quarantine period in item (4) above, the person entering the country was tested for PCR several times (usually 2 times).

In addition, in case the result of PCR test after entry is positive, the person on entry will be quarantined and treated until recovery at the hospital designated by Vet Nam Government.

b / Subjects allowed for entry

According to a directive letter of the Vietnamese government, in addition to diplomatic officers and official passports holders, the subjects allowed entry by the Government of Vietnam are business managers, skilled workers, technical experts. Cases such as accompanying relatives, international students and tourists, … are not allowed to enter during this period.

 2 / Be well aware of the risks of coming to Vietnam

In the context that the epidemic situation in the world continues to be complicated, going abroad still has many risks such as infection during travel, the quarantine period may be longer than expected, and hospitalized for a long time in Vietnamese hospitals. Therefore, upon entering Vietnam, the person entering the country and the enterprises (legal entities in Vietnam) where the person entering Vietnam works should be fully aware of these risks, make their own decisions and respond to situations.

In addition, the licensing procedures of the functional agencies of the Government of Vietnam are quite complicated. At the present time, the subjects permitted to enter by the Government are all special cases, and upon entry, they need to strictly adhere to the immigration measures to prevent epidemics by Government of Vietnam regulations.

Depending on the local province where businesses (legal entities in Vietnam) have their headquarters or have isolated bases, the handling of the law differs. In addition, in Central Government, sometimes the application can be changed. Individuals wishing to enter Vietnam please proactively confirm the latest information by contacting the authorities of the provinces and the central government in charge of relevant laws and regulations.

3 / How to apply for an entry permit to Vietnam in covid 19

Organizations, businesses, where visitors work in Vietnam, need to arrange flights with airlines, contact quarantine facilities, and apply to the authorities of the Government of Vietnam so that the business managers, skilled workers, and technical professionals can be allowed to entry.

Please refer to Official degree No. 2847 / CV-BCD dated 23 May 2020 of the National Steering Committee on Covid-19 epidemic control, and discuss with the People’s Committees of Provinces and Cities directly where professionals, business managers and highly skilled workers come to work.

4 / Procedures before entering Vietnam

(1)The procedures need to be prepared in advance

(a) For enterprises, the agency (legal entity in Vietnam) where the person entering the country works, applying for a permit from the authorities of the Government of Vietnam: The procedure for applying for a permit is different depending on the Province. , The city where the business, residence address, and quarantine facility are located. In any case, it is necessary to obtain an entry permit from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Public Security.

(b) Individuals who do not have a valid visa, need to apply for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy.

(c) After entering, if the PCR test is positive, the person on entry must pay the medical expenses. Please research for an insurance that may cover the cost of Covid-19 treatment.

(d) Please limit outside within 14 days prior to departure date. In the event of symptoms of fever, illness (sore throat, taste disturbances, etc.), delay your exit plan.

(2) Perform a PCR test before entry

Authorities of the Government of Vietnam require that the person entering the country is obliged to have a PCR test (Real Time – PCR) for a period of 3 to 7 days prior to entry and to have a negative certificate.

(a) Certification authority: The certificate must be issued by the medical facility designated by the Vietnamese government. Visitors contact a medical facility directly for PCR testing after pre-confirmation of items b to d below:

(b) Test format: Real-time PCR

(c) Method of sampling: Test with oropharyngeal fluid

(d) Certification form: paper

(e) Content requested by the authorities of the Government of Vietnam:

(1) The certificate needs to be in English or Vietnamese.

(2) The certificate should state the full name of the person entering the country, age (date of birth), gender, nationality, passport number, address in your country, address in Vietnam, name of establishment medical certificate, date of sampling, test date, test method (please select “PCR”), test result, intended date of entry.

(3) The certificate requires a valid seal and signature of the medical facility where the test is performed.

(3) Medical clearance

The authorities of the Government of Vietnam require the person on entry to be obliged to make a medical declaration at the airport after entry or make an online medical report within 24 hours prior to entry. The embassy encourages immigrants to make online medical declarations for smooth immigration procedures.

For online medical reports, please do so at . Please note that there have been cases of problems in the past time due to errors in medical declaration content after immigration.

5 / Procedures after entry

Below, would like to introduce specific examples of post-entry procedures (Van Don Airport) based on information collected from recent entries. Please note that immigration procedures may vary depending on the Province or City where the airport of entry is located and the quarantine facility is located.

(1) After entering the airport

(a) Hand baggage disinfection

After getting off the plane, hand luggage will be sprayed with disinfectant.

(b) Examination of medical claims

Confirm medical report content. Please bring the negative certificate that has been issued for presentation.

(c) Immigration check

Confirm the content of the application for entry permission in advance. Please bring your entry permit to present in the event of the request of an officer in charge.

(d) Taking baggage

Take your baggage from the conveyor belt, put it on a trolley and bring it to a special vehicle or truck waiting at the airport exit after completing the Customs clearance.

(e) Customs

The person on entry who has deposited their own luggage is required to present a “Customs Declaration”.

(f) Movement to quarantine

In principle, move to a quarantine facility by a special vehicle prepared by the quarantine facility. There are cases where special vehicles do not ensure the space between passengers on the vehicle.

(g) Other contents

Airport support services such as stroller for children and electric car have not been completed. There are cases where procedures at the airport take about 2 hours.

(2) Isolate for 14 days

(a) Isolation establishment

The isolating establishment is decided by the People’s Committee of the province or city. Currently, there are many foreigners wishing to enter Vietnam, but the number of quarantine facilities is limited. The quarantine facility has different requirements, some do not accept quarantine if the number of quarantined people is small, and so on. During the 14 days at the quarantine establishment, the quarantine person must not leave the prescribed place.

In addition, depending on the policy and situation of the authorities of the Government of Vietnam, the quarantine establishment, the period of quarantine (including the extension of the quarantine period), how the quarantine is implemented, etc … subject to change.

(b) PCR test

People on entry were tested for PCR (oropharyngeal fluid) 2-3 times over the 14-day quarantine period.

(c) Upon receipt of a positive test result

When receiving positive PCR test results, the patient will be hospitalized and quarantined at a medical facility designated by the Government of Vietnam until the disease is cured.

The language used at quarantine facilities is Vietnamese. Therefore, there should be assistance from the immigration agency (providing medical interpretation, paying hospital fees, etc.).

(d) When there is a health problem

Every day, the person undergoing quarantine had their body temperature checked 2 times. In the case of high body temperature above 37.5 degrees, even if the PCR test result is negative, it will be referred to the local hospital designated by the Province and City authority. Please note that there are cases where the immigration person cannot stay fit after a long flight and due to fatigue during quarantine.

The language at the hospital is Vietnamese. Immigrants need to actively seek medical interpreters and pay hospital fees … with the support of the workplace company.

(e) Quarantine period ends

After the results of the two PCR tests are negative and the 14-day quarantine period expires, the authorities of the Government of Vietnam will issue the “Negative Certificate” and the “Certificate of Completion Quarantine”. In addition, after completing the quarantine period, within the next 14 days, the immigrant must monitor his or her own health (temperature check). There are provinces and cities that continue to require people entering to test PCR 2 more times after the quarantine period. Measures after quarantine vary depending on the Province or City where the person entering the country lives and works.

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