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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa renewal

Once a visa expires but you want to stay more in the country, it can only be operational once renewed or extended. Most visas can only be renewed or extended if you still stay in for more. If you are planning to stay more a particular foreign country, then your visa must always be up to the minute. It is a criminal offence to try using an expired visa. This offence attracts a huge penalty. It may also lead to imprisonment.

In Vietnam, once a visa has expired it remains invalid unless it has been renewed. Visa renewal in Vietnam has been simplified. It can be renewed either at the Vietnam Immigration Department where you stay in Vietnam, or through a travel agency which providing Vietnam visa renewal service.

How to renew a Vietnam visa
If you want to enjoy the benefits of being connected to Vietnam, then you had better renew your visa once it has expired. There are two main ways of renewing a visa in Vietnam. In order to renew your visa through a travel agent who providing visa renewal service, you have to be connected with them via phone or internet.

Once connected, you should provide some information about your visa status such as : where did you get the visa ? How long you have been in Vietnam ? What type of your visa ….. (I think you should take a photo of your visa then send then via email or viber or SMS….). Then the agency will confirm you what to do and how much for the fee. Please keep in mind that when you stay in Vietnam, you must register for resident with local police to have a record, you are required to have that record to get your visa extended or renewed.

The local agency they know clearly about the rules and regulations on immigration laws, they know what to do to get your visa extended or renew. Of course, you have to pay extra fee to use their service, because they have to follow complicated procedure, on your behalf, to get visa extended or renew. Therefore you should check the fee before choosing an agent.

Use visa extension or renewal service is most preferred by those with an issue of finding extra time to visit immigration department, Vietnamese local speaking with the officers….. Visa renewal service in Vietnam has become more intriguing thanks to technological advancements. Now you can easy to find by searching on the internet to find an agent.

Another way visa can be renewed in Vietnam is by visiting Immigration Department in the city or province where you stay in Vietnam. Once you are at the Immigration office, you are required to fill in the renewal form soberly. Any incorrect data entered may destroy the whole application process. Upon completion, submit it to the officer authorities for clarification.

Vietnam Visa renewal categories
There are three main types of visas in Vietnam. They include a business, tourist, and diplomatic visa. Each of these visas is unique. A tourist visa is for those planning for a vacation in Vietnam. This visa is always assigned a short time length as compared to a business one. A tourist visa lasts for a period not greater than thirty days, in some case, we can do up to 3 months. A business visa is usually given to those aspiring to do business in Vietnam. A business visa can last up to a period of ninety days, in some case, we can do up to 6 months. It is important to note that obtaining this kind of visa is not easy. A diplomatic visa is issued to foreign government officials or to officials of organizations that are government accredited. Renewal of these types of Vietnam visas is simple.

One advantage of using visa service through travel agent in renewing a Vietnam visa is that it is fast and time efficient, you don’t need to know Vietnamese local speaking. Secondly, a mail application allows one to renew a visa from any place. Its major drawback is that you can easily become a victim of fraud.

The main advantage of an Immigration Department visa renewal application is that it is trustworthy. But you need to know local Vietnamese speaking.

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