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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

The Best Way To Obtain Visa On Arrival At Phu Quoc Island Airport 2024

Phu Quoc island attracted many travelers because of its natural and wonderful beauty. As you know, every traveler will be exempted from visa to stay in this island for not more than 30 days. However, if you are going to stay here longer or visit other places in Vietnam, you need to apply for visa.

Let’s see how to get the Visa On Arrival at Phu Quoc island airport.

Before boarding the airplane

Visa On Arrival is a type of visa which is made at the airport in Vietnam, so you need to take note what documents you need before boarding the airplane as well as coming to Vietnam.

The required documents is as below:

The approval letter

This is the most important step to know that you are accepted to get the visa or not.

Step 1: Fill your personal information such as gender, date of birth, name, type of visa… in the online application form. Then you will do the online payment.

Step 2: Receive the approval letter via email within 48 working hours.

This letter is used for:

Visa application form

This document is also important to take note. You can receive it at the Visa On Arrival counter at the airport, but it’s quite inconvenient for you to take your time to complete.

That’s why you should prepare it before boarding the airplane by download this form via website and complete it in advance.


There are still some conditions for your passport:

  • The date of your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the day you enter Phu Quoc island.
  • There must be at least 2 blank pages in your passport.
  • Don’t use the expiry passport to present at the airport.
  • Your passport must be original.

Passport photos

You need to have 2 passport-sized photos taken without glass wears (one for the visa application form, one for backup case).


You need to have enough cash to pay for visa stamp fee at the airport. The Visa On Arrival counter just accepts VND or USD – you should have enough money instead of exchanging with the higher rate at the airport.

You can have a look the price table as below to see the difference between these types of visa.

Entry The length of stay Stamp Fee
Single entry 1 month to 3 months 25 USD
Multiple entry 1 month to 3 months 50 USD
Multiple entry 6 months 95 USD
Multiple entry 12 months 135 USD


After arrival

After arrival, you will need to find out the “Visa Upon Arrival” counter at Phu Quoc island airport. From here, you need to submit every required documents to get the visa stamp:

  • The approval letter (print it out)
  • The visa application form
  • Photos
  • Original passport

Then, you just need to wait for your turn and get your passport back, do the payment for visa stamp and take it. Right now, you can enter Vietnam with this visa stamp.


For getting a visa on arrival, there are 2 types of fee you have to pay:

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